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March 26, 2005

Joe Durant


Q. Give us a comment about your long day today?

JOE DURANT: Well, I got out here at 6:30, expecting to tee off at 8. I hadn't teed off I'm going through a time warp. They're doing the best they can do to get as many holes in as they can. We have to stay very patient.

Q. Joe, we've seen a number of balls in the water, Vijay hit two in the water at 18 and Zach who was leading at the time. What is so challenging on 18, especially coming off the attention paid on 17?

JOE DURANT: I think 18 is one of the most demanding driving holes we have on Tour. I think it's a little easier because it's soft, but nonetheless you still have to hit a great tee shot. And oftentimes it's hard to pick a good line, you see the bulk head, and it looks like a good line, but if you pull it a shade off the bulk head, you're in the water. I pulled mine today, but I had it enough right to where I carried everything. It's a tough tee shot, so it's easy to get it over to the left if you're not careful.

Q. Talk about you're 4 under at the turn, and you quickly went from 4 under to 8 under, talk about that stretch right there?

JOE DURANT: I hit a good tee ball off of 10 and hit a had a perfect yardage, 9 iron about 15 feet and made it.

Hit a good driver and a good 3 wood to about 15 feet again on 11 and made eagle there.

12 I hit driver off the tee and a wedge. I had a 20 footer, didn't hit a good wedge shot, but made a good birdie putt there. Went from 4 under, to doing okay to 8 under, and okay, we're getting in there okay now. It was good. It was good.

Q. Did that eagle help kind of build some confidence and kind of help things go along?

JOE DURANT: Believe it or not it settled me down a little bit. After the 3 wood and the putt, okay, this isn't smoke and mirrors, you're actually playing good golf for a change, and hit good shots after that.

Q. You had some streaks like that with birdies coming in bunches?

JOE DURANT: Honda I made seven in a row on Sunday, after bogeying the final five on Saturday. I feel like my game is getting better, I'm not getting ahead of myself. I'm trying to stay patient and working on the right things and that helps.

Q. Is it extra satisfying with where you are, with the weather still up in the air and knowing what these guys have to go through this afternoon and tomorrow morning, and you're done with your 36 and where you are?

JOE DURANT: I've gotten up early the last couple of days. I'm happy with myself that I stayed patient. It's very easy to get impatient with the delays, and a couple of squirrelly shots. I stayed very patient and felt really relaxed and hope it carries over the next couple of days.

Q. You have gotten birdies in bunches, is this a course where you have to be consistent, maybe not good, but consistent all the way through?

JOE DURANT: Yeah, I think this course really tests every aspect of your game. It doesn't necessarily set up great for any one particular type of player. If you're driving the ball straight and long, it's certainly an advantage, but you have to be on with your irons, you need to hit precise distances with your irons. And you still have to make putts. It's no different than any other week. But I think this course magnifies the good and the bad sometimes, so it's a challenge.

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