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January 25, 2013

Josh Teater


Q.テつ You mentioned it wasn't pretty out there.テつ What wasn't pretty?テつ You have to be happy with the score.
JOSH TEATER:テつ Yeah, I scored well.テつ I haven't driven the ball well really either day.テつ But, luckily, the putter has been good.
I'd like to have that last one over again, but just getting in the rounds.テつ I'm going to go try to get some work in on the range and try to straighten out my driver.

Q.テつ What was the difference between maybe on the greens before early this morning when you teed off compared to now?テつ Was it tougher?
JOSH TEATER:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ The greens on the North Course are a little bumpier anyway.テつ And the rain kind of slowed them down and brought out those bumps a little bit more.テつ So a couple of times you could get one that stayed on the ground and got a little hot.テつ I think I did that on my third hole today, number 12.
But for the most part had good speed, and made the most of the rounds (Inaudible).

Q.テつ Did the whole course in general get tougher as the day went on?
JOSH TEATER:テつ For sure, longer, with the cooler weather and the rain, the ball isn't traveling as far and leaving long clubs in the holes.テつ I guess, number 8 I had 4‑iron out of the fairway bunker.テつ That's not where you want to be.テつ But I made a great par there.

Q.テつ Looking toward the weekend, what are your thoughts?
JOSH TEATER:テつ I feel good.テつ I mean, everything in my game is pretty good.テつ Just need to get that driver straightened out just a little bit and try to go get some birdies.

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