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January 25, 2013

Chris Wood


Q.  That was one fantastic round of golf; where does it rank in your best?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, I played pretty nicely.  I wouldn't say it's one of my best.  One of my better ones but not my best.  I played very solid, similar to the way I played on Wednesday, the first round.  Shot 67, could have been a few better.  But yeah, played really nicely.

Q.  7‑under par through ten holes, what are you thinking, what are you feeling as that's unfolding?
CHRIS WOOD:  Make more birdies.  I felt like I was playing really nicely, giving myself chances inside ten feet which was key.  On the greens with the amount of grain that are on the greens, the closer you are to the hole, the more chances you have of making them.  I felt like I was swinging the club well enough to give myself more and more chances.

Q.  Got into an awkward position at 12 and made a bogey, how pleased with the bounce back to make a couple of birdies on the way in?
CHRIS WOOD:  Hit a good shot into the par3 on the next, as well, was a big 8‑iron and went too far.  That was a nice little 3 there and a good sort of finish to the round?

Q.  How excited about the possibilities tomorrow; you've won in Thailand but to win on The European Tour?
CHRIS WOOD:  Very excited.  Going out today I thought as long as I kept myself in the mix going into tomorrow, then I was going to be really looking forward to it but leading‑‑ if I am leading, gives me a bit of a cushion.

Q.  Your thoughts on what seems a very special round of golf out there, was it?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, played really nice.  Similar to the first couple of days really.  Not quite so well yesterday but a few more bogeys chucked in yesterday but I feel really happy around this course.  Nice to put a low number on the board for tomorrow.

Q.  What's it down to?  What's the improved story down to?
CHRIS WOOD:  Hard work really.  I'm making progress every year, slow progress, but every year I'm improving, and that's all I can do really.  Eventually I'm going to start winning tournaments and win a few more and win a few more.
So just keep doing the things I'm doing.

Q.  Well, it's not such slow progress, is it, and you did win last season, the Thailand Open.  What did that do for confidence and belief?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, a lot of confidence.  Obviously, well, two or three weeks after I won, I had to withdraw from a couple of events as my back went, so all of a sudden, from going on a bit of a high from winning a tournament, to sort of picking yourself up to start again.  The confidence seemed to be short‑lived there, but hopefully I can sort of look back on that and help me tomorrow.

Q.  I know we've spoken about your back repeatedly down the years, is it something that you just have a particular regimen to manage it now?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, I'm managing it really well now.  It seems to be becoming less and less of an issue.  I've got a great team back in Bristol at home that are helping me with that.  So just keep doing the same things with it.

Q.  Is it one of those things when you're playing The Desert Swing when you're guaranteed heat, that that helps, as well?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, but I've still got to be doing exercise.  I'm in the gym twice a day, 20 minutes, half an hour before I play, and same again after, unless I'm doing, you know, a particularly long gym session.  But I'm doing probably more stretching and core exercises than anyone on Tour, one of the things I've got to do.

Q.  You're a decent footballer, you took your pens well, didn't you?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, I try, it's been a few years but I do miss playing, yesterday was a nice treat.

Q.  What are thoughts on going into the last round, chances tomorrow?
CHRIS WOOD:  Really looking forward to it.  Obviously it's going to be hard, I haven't looked at a leaderboard today but I presume scoring has been pretty good.  Certainly the front nine was a good scoring opportunity, the wind picked up on the back nine, but it's hard to win any tournament on The European Tour, so it's going to be difficult.

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