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January 24, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  You flushed it last week in Abu Dhabi, no flushing out there today; what happened?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I was going along nicely, the front nine was okay, and made a poor choice on the par5, first hole, my 10th.  Got up to the front of the green, I don't know, pushing it a little bit there for some reason and hit a terrible shot out to the right and that kind of made me get a little flat to be honest with you, the rest of the round was a bit of a struggle.

Q.  You're still in there, first time you've made the cut here in Qatar?
JUSTIN ROSE:  That's almost like leading the golf tournament for me around here.

Q.  How do you fix it?  Go have some lunch and go to the range and what will you work on?
JUSTIN ROSE:  To be honest, I didn't feel like it was way off.  I just felt sequencing was a bit off, sort of sinking into my heels and losing my posture a little bit I think, so something simple.  I won't be reinventing anything, but more just rhythm and posture and get back to basics.
I hit some good putts, as well, out there.  It's tricky to make putts.  I made a great putt at the last, which would have been a nice way to make lunch taste better but going to need two low rounds on the weekend, especially if it doesn't blow.

Q.  In professional golf, there's one round you don't play quite as well as the other three, was that yours?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I hope so, yeah, exactly.

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