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January 23, 2013

Peter Hanson


Q.¬† First round of 4‑under par, what pleased you most about your play today?
PETER HANSON:  I think it's one of those solid first rounds, not too much trouble.  Kind of a steady round, four birdies, trying to keep the bogeys off the card, so nice first round.

Q.¬† Very rare we play this course without any wind.¬† How many shots easier is it without the normal 20‑mile‑an‑hour?
PETER HANSON:  I think it's quite a few, probably be two to three, I would say.  It's going to help on some holes of course playing downwind.  But when it's no wind and the course is playing soft, there's quite a few birdies out there.  I really wouldn't be surprised if maybe we are going to see some 64s.

Q.  Do you reflect on the previous year, look at your stats and see where you can improve?
PETER HANSON:  I do.  I look at my numbers all the time but when you come off a good year like last year, you try to sum prize and look at your strengths and look at your weaknesses and still be working on the game.  There's always room for improvement in pretty much every area of the game, so it's just fun to get back to work again.

Q.  Any particular areas you look at and think, yeah, I can definitely improve that quite substantially?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I can look at maybe my chipping to improve that a little bit and change a bit on the technique and hit the ball more aggressive, hitting more down on the ball.  That's one area where I need to improve a bit more to take the next level.

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