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January 22, 2013

Justin Rose


SARAH GWYNN: Justin, welcome to the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters and thanks for coming in today. It was a fine performance last week, you must be feeling pretty confident coming to Doha?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah last week was disappointing not to win, obviously, having led for three rounds and having a two shot lead on the Sunday. But I look back on Sunday and feel like I made a lot of right decisions and did a lot of things very well. I’m very happy with where my game is and I want to continue in the same vein here in Qatar.

SARAH GWYNN: It’s been a pretty quick turnaround since Sunday with the Wednesday start here. Just sum up what you’ve been up to since then.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I had dinner with the family and some friends in Abu Dhabi on Sunday night and stayed there, which was nice as you don’t get a chance to do that very much throughout the year. Then I flew in to Qatar yesterday afternoon and came for some practice, and I’ll play in the pro-am today so I’ll get a good look at the course. From first impressions everything looks in order and very good – very similar to the conditions in Abu Dhabi.
SARAH GWYNN: Last year was fantastic for you, what are your goals for 2013?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think to keep working on the things that are below average. Last year the goal was the get up and down from 100 yards and in every time, and I did that quite a lot of times last week. And to keep working on the decision making and trusting those decisions.  On Sunday on ten, I did that, and I had a terrible lie on 13 to leave myself 90 yards to make par there, those are the kind of things that I'm taking a lot of encouragement from.

Q.  How disappointing was it not to win last week?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I don't  ‑‑ I don't live and die by the results, so it doesn't make any difference really.  I'm not dwelling on last week whatsoever.
I think I gained something last week, I certainly didn't lose anything.  The perception is you've got a two‑shot lead, the game, it's just an interesting way to look at it, one week you're at hero‑‑ exact same thing I had at The Ryder Cup.  Both putts, 12 feet, just outside right edge was the read on both.  One goes in, you're the hero, and the other doesn't, bad luck.  That's the game of golf.
I felt like those occasions halfway the ball is looking at the middle of the hole.  I think, why beat yourself up about that and that's kind of where I'm at with my game and just the perspective sometimes that you have to have.

Q.  Last week Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods were in the field; this week they’re not but there are still many top players. What do you make of it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, slightly different on the weekend last week.  No matter, the golf course doesn't recognise World Ranking, it doesn't recognise who you are, you've still got to go out and play good golf you know what I mean.  It was good playing here.
Obviously myself and Louis are Number Four and Number Five in the world and no matter who wins this week, it's going to be the guy who puts four steady and good rounds of golf together.
There's a lot of buzz about the Number One and Two players in the world playing the tournament, and obviously it's poor crowds for the Tour and stuff like that, but I don't think it changes the players' perception of how they go about their business that week.

Q.  Can you talk about your past experiences in Qatar?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I don't even know how I finished in the past, I think fairly underwhelming.  My game is in great shape and I think it's still a pretty good ball‑striking test from what I remember.
You need to have control what you're doing out there on the course and the rough is quite thick, as well, so it's quite unforgiving, which is kind of a test I relish I suppose.
So I'm hoping that again this week is another good week to go out and sort of test my game against a good golf course.  That's what I wanted all year long, just keep showing up, keep working hard and keep executing and that's going to put me in position to win a lot of golf tournaments.

Q.  You’ve reached the highest position of your career in the World Ranking – is that something that’s on your radar or do you try not to think about it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Well, it's on my radar for the first time ever, the thought of being World Number One, I think is for the first time ever, it's there in the distance.  It's a lot of hard work.  People don't realise when you're four or five World Ranking points behind someone, that's an awful lot of points.  That's a five‑, six‑win season, and assuming Rory doesn't have the same five‑, six‑win season, so there's a lot of variables.
Obviously we expect him to keep moving forward in the game, so it's only going to happen with a remarkable run over a couple of years.  So certainly not worth thinking about and just have to improve your game but it's a motivation.
SARAH GWYNN:  Thanks and good luck this week.

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