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January 19, 2013

Ricardo Santos


RICARDO SANTOS:テつ I start really well, very hot, I can tell you.テつ Then I made a mistake on the 5th.テつ I have a chance for birdie, but too aggressive.テつ And then miss for par.
Then I have good bounce back on 6, I chip it in from the bunker, and it's a good return.テつ Well, I made a good putt on 8, but just break more than I thought.

Q.テつ So to start like that with four birdies in a row, you think this is going to be a wonderful day I guess?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Well, when I start like, that I just think, well, don't stop and try to do the same every hole, and focus on your own game and give a chance to make as many birdies as you can.

Q.テつ Are there things that worked today that didn't work on the two previous days?テつ There were moments when you're moving up that board and then slipping back.
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ The first to days, I played quite okay.テつ Well, first day I played quite well.テつ I have bad luck on 16 on the first day, made double‑bogey there.テつ But overall, I think I played really solid‑‑ well, today, more than the first three days obviously, because I start‑‑ made the putts and the ball more closer, so that helps.

Q.テつ How do you think it will stand the test of time today?テつ A good position?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ A round like today, for tomorrow, you never know, have a chance.テつ Well, I just try to enjoy it tomorrow, and, well, play like today or the first round, it's okay, but just enjoy my game and we'll see what's happened.

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