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January 19, 2013

Brian Stuard


Q.  10‑under par , flirted with 59.  Tell us about this round.  It started with three pars.
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, I started off real slow, and then kind of picked it up from there on the front nine.  I just played pretty solid and got a few putts to go in.

Q.  18 you just kind of overcooked it there with the iron?
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, I was kind of trying to hit kind of a soft cut in there, and I kind of hit it too far.

Q.  After you made an eagle to get close, you knew you had to go birdie, birdie to shoot 59.  Did that cross your mind?
BRIAN STUARD:  I kind of thought it after I hit my tee shot on 17.  I had a chance there and just kind of left it on the top edge, but, no, after that, not really.

Q.  But this is good.  You're at the leaderboard.  This is a heck of a day and it sets you up well for tomorrow.
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, I had to play good just to make the cut, so it was pretty nice to play good.

Q.  Second time with the TOUR card.  What did you learn the first time around that you can take advantage of this time?
BRIAN STUARD:  I think just patience, just kind of taking it one day at a time and not getting ahead of yourself.

Q.  Play well tomorrow.
BRIAN STUARD:  Thank you.  I appreciate it.

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