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January 18, 2013

Justin Rose


PAUL SYMES:  Another great round today, epitomised by that approach at the last I guess.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, that was a nice way to finish.  I guess any time you break 70, it's always, like anybody, when they break 80 and shoot 79, you feel better; same with 70.  Nice to have a little one for tap in.
I would say, yeah, that did epitomise my iron play a little bit.  I felt like I hit the ball pin‑high an awful lot today, and I guess that often tells you that you are swinging the club well, so I felt good about my game.
PAUL SYMES:  How did conditions compare to yesterday?  Not as much breeze.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Conditions are perfect today really, absolutely perfect.  And then, you know, maybe five‑mile‑an‑hour wind just puffed up for the last couple of holes, which is just enough to make you think about a couple shots, but really, nothing to get in the way of low scoring.

Q.  As you've been collecting these big events over the last few years, Memorial and BMW, Doral against all the best guys, do you sense any change in the way you carry yourself?  Do you walk a little taller?  Did it demonstrably change your attitude?  To those of us around you, it doesn't seem to have changed you externally.  Wondering if internally there's a difference to you personally.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think there's a difference in how I feel about my game and how I trust my game, absolutely.  I believe that any tournament I tee up in, I can win.
Again, it's another nice feeling.  Often you tell yourself that, but believing it is a different kettle of fish a lot of times.  But I don't look at it ‑‑ I try not to look at it from a status point of view at all.  I try to look at it as always a work‑in‑progress; how can I continue to improve.
And I think that that's really what drives me forward, and that's kind of how I view the game.  You know, how many more skills can I acquire, rather than, you know, getting involved with the ego side about it, I suppose.

Q.  You talked just that, about trusting your game; do you trust yourself?  Do you expect yourself to win the tournament now that you've got a healthy lead?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No.  I'm not even looking that far ahead.  You know, I look at the big picture, and if I live and die by this result, it gets in the way of the rest of the season.  I'm looking to build and build.  I'm looking to get better and better as a player, and often you have to sometimes make mistakes to learn the appropriate lessons.
So whatever comes out of this week, I will use it to make it a better season.  The result is a by‑product of the process, and obviously, yes, that's the ultimate goal you want to come in, you want to win the tournament by doing all the right things.  For me to start thinking like that is not doing the right things.

Q.  I don't know that there could be a better before and after snapshot of your career than where you were in 2000 when you played here when they were cutting the ribbon on this place and you had just gone back to Q‑School; not far removed from that stretch of however many in a row it was with no pay cheques, no weekends.  What do you remember about that time or that trip here, if anything?  I heard you were so frustrated that day that you might not even have finished the round perhaps and kind of slinked off to do some work.
JUSTIN ROSE:  See, I think that's possibly one of my greatest strengths is I don't remember that (laughter) if I'm honest.  It's been shelved very deep somewhere back in here (indicated putting behind and in the past).  I don't even want to dig that deep to remember if you don't mind (laughs).
Yeah, those days obviously they were tough, but it obviously makes you appreciate the good times more, but I often felt like playing under so‑called pressure now to win the tournament; it's a lot easier than to play under the pressure of making cuts or when you're living in and dying by making cuts. When you're in control of your game, that's a lot easier to deal with.

Q.  Doesn't seem like your last event was that long ago; does it seem that way to you?  Do you feel you got a good break and what's your schedule after this?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, I'm trying to view these two tournaments as kind of in the middle of my off‑season.  I plan on playing Qatar next week and then three weeks off before the Match Play.
So I definitely have an extended break after these two:  To freshen up, to continue to work hard in the gym, to continue to sort of get a bit fitter, stronger, hone a few more things that I'm working on, and then take it from there.  Because there's very few times in the season that you can take a week or two or three off; a week off is often recharge the batteries, rather than go home and work hard.
So I felt it was important, because I had played so late last year to, give myself enough time to bed in a couple of things I wanted to work on.

Q.  Are you surprised at how well you're striking the ball?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, three, four years into my work with Sean Foley, I would say my swing is pretty much in a sense more grooved now.  I feel like I can take a week off or two weeks off and pick it back up.  The motor patterns are pretty much well learned at this point.  You still run into a little trouble, little things off‑course, but for the most part it's a lot easier than it would have been two or three years ago for sure.

Q.  Did the swing change take a little bit of pressure off the lower back and those problems that you were having in that period, or has there been much of a recurrence of that?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, I have had very view injury problems at all really.  One thing, I've definitely changed the way I move through the ball working with Sean.  I finish a lot taller.  It has taken a lot of pressure off my back, and I think that's probably single‑handedly been the biggest thing.
Wearing these shoes that I wear, as well.  I really believe that the softer sole, when you do as much walking as we do, and also the flexibility in the sole helps me.  I don't have great sort of hip rotation, so if I wear a really rigid shoe, I can't turn as well on it; and therefore, my lower back takes a bit of pain.  And the shoes are a lot softer, the shoe rolls for me as well, so not only just the motion in my golf swing, so a couple of those factors.
And also I've been working extremely hard on my fitness, I have a great fitness trainer, Justin Buckthorp, to use his name if you guys are interested.  We have worked very diligently at my fitness the last three years.
PAUL SYMES:  Great stuff.  Well played, Justin.  Have a good weekend.

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