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January 18, 2013

Aaron Baddeley


Q.  Talk to me about your round today.  4-under.  Thoughts?
AARON BADDELEY:  It was okay.  Had a little -- didn't feel as comfortable today on the golf course.  But was able to just get up-and-down when I missed the green and just made a few birdies.  So it was just a day, I felt like it was a day, to hang in there and just get a score out of it.

Q.  Is there a reason why you didn't feel comfortable?
AARON BADDELEY:  I just didn't feel a hundred percent comfortable with the swing, and so usually it seems like every day there's going to be one day of the week you're not going to feel perfectly comfortable out there.  And so today was that day.  So I will go hit a few shots on the range and get back to being comfortable and come out tomorrow and have a good day over at Nicklaus.

Q.  Do you feel like you might have left a few birdies out there?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, I left a couple, but I also made a couple nice putts from 20, 30 feet, so there's ones you don't always expect to make, even though it's nice to make them.
So overall, I'm pleased just because I wasn't a hundred percent comfortable today.

Q.  You have to say you like your position just a few strokes off the lead here?
AARON BADDELEY:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  Overall, the game feels good, even though I wasn't comfortable today, but overall the game feels good so I don't see any reason why tomorrow I can't come out and feel real nice about the game.

Q.  Talk about the last two holes.  Your only bogey of the day and then following it up with a birdie.  What happened?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, I hit a poor tee shot and sort of just got into the hazard on the left side of 8 there and then just made a bogey.
I was really wanting to make a birdie on the last to get back to 12, and shoot 6-under or 8-under, I mean shoot 4-under today.  And hit, really, I hit it -- I hit 5-wood in the fairway and hit a really nice pitching wedge from 146 to like five, six feet and rolled a real nice putt.

Q.  Going into Nicklaus tomorrow?

Q.  So, generally, this is considered the toughest course, Nicklaus considered the easiest, how do you feel like your setup going in to that course tomorrow?
AARON BADDELEY:  I feel good.  I only played the Nicklaus once in the practice rounds, so I am keen to get out there.  I really like the golf course.  I think it's going to be good to get out there and, yeah, the course is in great shape and I just try to keep moving up the leaderboard and be patient.
That was the key today was being patient.  Even though I wasn't making a lot of birdies it was just being patient and picking them off.  And that's what you got to do every day out here.

Q.  Season debut here, how does it change your complexion or change the mentality to have a strong showing this early in the season?
AARON BADDELEY:  Definitely something that helps because it gets -- like okay, Pete Bender, he caddied for a lot of the greats and he always talks about momentum.  If you can get momentum having a good finish early in the season, it really sets the tone for the rest of the year, and you're able to get things going the right way.
So there's lots of times that you can play well and not shoot a good score.  So it's great to get out early and shoot some good scores and it feels great for the rest of the year.

Q.  What sort of practice did you put in getting prepared?
AARON BADDELEY:  I had my coach come out from Australia for the week last week in Scottsdale and we did some work with him and played a fair bit with Geoff Ogilvy over at Countryman, out at Scottsdale.  We had a few money games and competitions of getting up-and-down and stuff like that.  And that's sort of how we got ready.

Q.  Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of the time that you put in the weeks getting ready?
AARON BADDELEY:  They were long days out there.  It was pretty chilly last week in Scottsdale, so when the course defrosted we would head out there and spend the rest of the day out there.  But no, it was good.  It was very good preparation.  I felt very comfortable coming in.

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