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June 3, 1999

Moira Dunn


RHONDA GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen, Moira Dunn shot 67 today; 5-under par. Lowest rounds in the Women's Open. How brutal was the heat out there? Obviously you played well, but how did it affect you?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Heat was probably the toughest thing out there, and trying to keep your concentration in those conditions is difficult because you've got other things to worry about. Just keeping cool and keeping hydrated.

RHONDA GLENN: The course, did it play easier than you expected; and if so, why?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Well, a 67 is always nice. I don't know if I would say it played easy. The greens held a little more than I thought they would, but I believe that's from the rain yesterday evening. The greens have quickened up, but I'm looking for it to probably toughen up a little bit, quicken up a little bit with the heat.

Q. Two-part question for you: Did something happen early in the round to get you started or kick-started, or did something bad happen or good happen to say: Today I got hold of a real good one?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Actually, I started off real slowly. I made seven pars in a row. I was just playing really consistently, and then on 8 made maybe a 40-footer. I guess that was my kick-start. I made a couple birdies to back that up. That was probably what started me, but I really hit the ball pretty well throughout the round and didn't do anything early.

Q. You're playing your heart out. Did you ever look up to the leaderboard and say: Look, what's happening behind me?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Yeah, I do look at the leaderboard; but you can't worry about it. There's a lot of golf left. You can't worry about what someone else does. You've just got to keep doing what you're doing.

Q. Most of the great scoring has come in the afternoon, as opposed to the morning, which seems a little unusual since you'd expect the greens to be a lot more softer. I'm not asking you for all the answers in the world, but did you have an explanation?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I'm not sure about that. You know, I don't know. That is pretty unusual. I'm not sure, really. Couldn't help you there.

Q. Was there any reservations -- even though the fairways are pretty ample, the greens are fairly flat, but you still knew this is the U.S. Open. Was there any reservations about the fact that this is the Open and it's supposed to be tough?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Oh, yeah. It's supposed to be tough. You just try and not get yourself in bad positions, because there's some positions out there you can get in pretty hairy positions, and you just try to keep the ball below the hole. The greens are quick now, and I can just imagine how quick they are going to be by the weekend.

RHONDA GLENN: Would you consider the hole locations overall easy or difficult compared to the other two Women's Opens that you've played in?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I really can't recall that far back, because my last one was two years ago, but I think there were definitely spots where I played to the fat of the green. I can definitely say that. That's what you have to do. There were spots, but the greens are -- aren't really scary right now, but you still don't want to get above them.

Q. You've had probably your best two outings right before coming out here. What does this do for your confidence?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I think it's great for my confidence. I'm really happy with how I kept my composure and how I concentrated out there and kept my tempo.

RHONDA GLENN: You're from Utica, New York, did you ever play in weather this hot up there?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Sometimes we play down in the City, it's quite hot and the humidity gets pretty bad. But I don't know about this. This is pretty scary.

Q. As tough as it was or can be, is it surprising to see Kelli at 8-under right now?

MOIRA C. DUNN: No, I think she's coming off a really good week, and confidence is a big thing when you're playing golf, that's for sure. And she definitely has the confidence right now.

Q. (inaudible.)

MOIRA C. DUNN: I was on the 11th fairway.

Q. Does that break anything up or get you to restart?

MOIRA C. DUNN: It was actually kind of a scary hole to be on, because I was hitting a wood in there, and we had -- you know, that's a back pin. It's a tough hole. It was a little wind. I was glad to make par on that hole.

RHONDA GLENN: Would you go over your card for us please, birdies and bogeys.

MOIRA C. DUNN: I parred the first seven. And then, 8, I made about a 40-footer for birdie. Then 9, I hit it about three feet and made birdie. 10, I was probably about five feet for birdie. And then my next birdie came at 15 for about three feet. And then 17, I was maybe 15 feet.

RHONDA GLENN: What did you hit to 17?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Little 5-iron.

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