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June 4, 1999

Moira Dunn


RHONDA GLENN: All right. Ladies and gentlemen, Moira Dunn had another fine round today. She is now at 6-under par; 138. She is the leader in the clubhouse. And Moira, before we open it up to questions, just tell me about the conditions in playing today, and also let's refer to the golf course, which does not seem to be yielding as it did yesterday.

MOIRA C. DUNN: I think the biggest aspect is that the greens seemed to be really quick this morning. It was not quite as hot, which was nice for me getting to start early, but the greens were definitely quicker.

RHONDA GLENN: How about the weather? What was the effect of that on you today as compared to yesterday, even though you liked your tee time?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I don't think it was quite as bad today. It seemed -- it was definitely steaming up a little bit with the cloud cover coming in. There was a slight breeze that I think maybe wasn't there yesterday morning that might have attributed to some of the higher scores.

RHONDA GLENN: You played a consistent round today. Would you go over your very few bogeys and your birdies, please.

MOIRA C. DUNN: I birdied 6 from about 15 feet.

Bogeyed 11, I was short and missed about a -- chipped up and missed a 5-footer from above the hole. 2-putted 15 for birdie. I was about 10 feet for eagle and missed it. Then was short on 16. Chipped up to about eight feet below the hole and missed that. And then on 18, hit it in about five feet and made that.

Q. After two rounds now, on the course, No. 1, how do you like your position going into those final two rounds?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I'm really excited about my position. There's a lot of golf left, and hopefully I can just keep playing as consistently and see what happens.

Q. One other question: Have you found any holes out there that if you really had to make a charge, you could?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I think what it comes down to is where the pin positions are, because the greens are starting to quicken up, and you're only going to go after them if you have a good angle and a chance to go after a pin. Otherwise, you know, nothing really stands out, because you don't -- you don't want to get above the pins no matter where the hole -- which hole it is. They are just quick.

Q. I was just curious about your background. You live in Utica and grew up there, which is not exactly the warmest climate. I'm just wondering why you got into golf and why you prefer it up there as opposed to a lot of golfers who move to warmer climates.

MOIRA C. DUNN: Actually, I live in Tampa, Florida, and my father was a high school golf coach and a teacher and avid golfer, and that's how I got involved. I'm the youngest of eight. I'm an only girl. So I kind of prefer to be with my parents than to be baby-sitted by any of my brothers. That's how I got hooked on golf.

RHONDA GLENN: What about the Utica part of your life?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I really don't spend a lot of time up there. My parents still live there. Once I went to school in Florida and lived with one of my brothers in Florida. But it's been a great part. We have great golf there. We have great golf courses. I think maybe the climate actually helped me, because I was not so concentrating on golf that I got burnt out or anything. I was always excited when the spring came and I could play again. We really had a great junior program. There was a couple that owned a public golf course, and they ran a junior TOUR, Mohawk Valley Junior TOUR. And there's another girl that played on TOUR with me, Julie Brand, and there's quite a few guys that have played that have become club pros. So it's a great place to grow up.

Q. What are the consequences on a girl's personality to have that many brothers?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I'm not sure. I'm just me. I don't know. I can't tell you. I don't know any different.

Q. Not many hand-me-downs?

MOIRA C. DUNN: No, I probably did. I probably just wanted to be like my brothers. I just wanted to be like my brothers, that's all.

RHONDA GLENN: Do any of your brothers play golf well?

MOIRA C. DUNN: No. Actually they are all skiers from New York, and they all ski quite a bit. They play it now. They have gotten a little bit more involved with business and stuff like that, but they are just really a couple of them are avid golfers, but some of them don't even play.

RHONDA GLENN: Have you talked to them on the phone since yesterday, any of your brothers?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I talked to my parents. I have not talked to my brothers. I had a couple messages from a couple of my brothers. They saw it on TV. That was neat because they are kind of spread out. It's neat when they get to see me on TV.

RHONDA GLENN: Did you say you were the youngest?

MOIRA C. DUNN: I'm the youngest.

Q. Couple of the players on the leaderboard like Juli Inkster and Dottie Pepper have a lot of experience being in a lot of majors. Just curious to see how you'll react this weekend, or are you confident that you'll be able to stay as calm and relaxed and as positive as you've been the last couple of days?

MOIRA C. DUNN: Hopefully, I can just concentrate on my own game and keep the feel that I have and that will keep my attention and keep my concentration. You know, you never know. If they start to make a run, it might distract you a little bit, but you've just really got to keep focused and worry about what you're doing.

RHONDA GLENN: Fine round. Really good golf this week. Thanks for being with us and good luck.

MOIRA C. DUNN: Thank you.

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