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January 13, 2013

Brian Stuard


Q.  Getting a chance to roll it in on the 72nd hole, probably a nice finish to a nice week of golf for you?
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, definitely.  It was nice to see that second shot stop close, and to be able to make it was nice.

Q.  How big is this chance out here on the TOUR this year to start the season with a top 5, top 6 finish to start the year off?
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, it feels good.  I practiced hard the last few weeks to get ready for this week, and it's nice to start the year off good.

Q.¬† Was it 2010 you were out here full‑time?
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, 2010.

Q.  What are some of the differences you're feeling this time around?
BRIAN STUARD:  You know, I think I'm more confident in my game, just feel more comfortable, and it's confidence.

Q.  A couple new guys at the top this week and now you finish at the top.  How have you new guys been able to do so well?
BRIAN STUARD:  You know, I think it's just everybody is raring to go.  It's good to see.

Q.  Take us through that last hole, the eagle.  What club did you have in and yardage?
BRIAN STUARD:  I had 253, and I hit my 3 hybrid and just tried to run it up the gap there.  It worked out good.

Q.  With just 36 tournaments this year, it makes this week even more important for you, doesn't it?
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah, it's definitely nice to get off to a good start.  You just can't say how important it is.

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