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August 8, 2003

Moira Dunn


MODERATOR: All right, Moira, thanks for joining us. You're right at the top of the leaderboard. Can you give us some general thoughts and we'll take some questions.

MOIRA DUNN: I kind of hung around at the end of the Front 9, made a couple coming in and just thought, you know, just keeping going on the Back and made a few, and just real happy. Didn't make any really big mistakes and really solid today.

Q. Moira, for a while, there was nobody -- everybody on the leaderboard for a long time was just in the morning wave, even after you guys had started. It seems like it took the people in the afternoon to get under par, and I was wondering why -- if you have a theory on why that was. Was the course speeding up at all throughout the day? Was it getting tougher to play or not?

MOIRA DUNN: I think the greens are definitely an issue. It's always with an afternoon tee time, by the end of the day, you have some wear and tear on them. With all the rain, it may be a little more prevalent this week. It may be a thing of just getting used to that and making a couple putts and saying, there is no big deal with the greens and going ahead and just putting.

Q. You're expecting the greens to putt difficult, even when they may not be?

MOIRA DUNN: I think you see a lot more wear and tear on the holes because so many people have played already in front of you. Sometimes you get it in your head and you have to let go of that and once you make a couple putts, you're just thinking about making putts by then.

Q. Are you a leaderboard watcher? Were you aware how you were doing?

MOIRA DUNN: On the Back 9 a little bit. On the Front 9, to be honest with you, I didn't have any idea what the lead was probably until 12 or 13. I had no idea who was leading and what was leading.

Q. Did you play here last year?

MOIRA DUNN: Yes, I did.

Q. Difference?

MOIRA DUNN: Huge difference. Lot more middle, long irons. I think that makes it difficult. Last year there was a lot was strategy playing angles and so forth off the tees and such. Just different play. I don't know if you could say one was more difficult than the other, but very different.

Q. Do these favor your game more than last year?

MOIRA DUNN: I guess maybe. I don't know. I shot 7 under today. If you go with the scores.

Q. I don't know how you played last year.

MOIRA DUNN: Mediocre last year.

Q. You played well at New Albany.

MOIRA DUNN: It may have been the last year. I'm not sure. It may have been two years ago. That was when

endy Ward won, that's right.

Q. A lot of people were under par that year?


MODERATOR: Can you go over your score card with us.

(Score card done.)

MODERATOR: Do you have any more questions?

Q. So it's safe to say you didn't have a tough putt today on those birdie attempts?

MOIRA DUNN: Not really. Inside of 20 feet, you're looking to try to make them definitely.

Q. Anything you want to work on after you go off the course today?

MOIRA DUNN: I want to keep a feel for the putting basically. I believe I'll play late tomorrow. It will be similar conditions.

Q. Anything in your play coming into this week that would have portended this score today?

MOIRA DUNN: I played well last week in some pretty tough conditions. I was happy the way I played, being a major, playing in a lot of wind over there, real difficult conditions, and I was really happy with the way I hung around there, just tried to keep some positive thoughts.

Q. Do you think it's going to take another two days of this kind of scoring to stay either in the lead or close to the lead?

MOIRA DUNN: It's hard to say. It seems like this year, there has been quite a few weeks where it has. It's hard to say. It will depend on if the conditions change or stay relatively the same.

MODERATOR: Anything further?

Q. Anything you know from playing against Candie in the past, what kind of leader she is, what kind of player she is to chase?

MOIRA DUNN: I only played with her once, it was just a pairing early in the week. She's somebody who is going to keep it in play. You're not going to get any mistakes from her. I think I have to go out and play my own game and hope the putts keep going in.

Q. What's your caddy's name?

MOIRA DUNN: Paul Martinez.

MODERATOR: Thank you.

MOIRA DUNN: Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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