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January 10, 2013

Dominika Cibulkova


6‑2, 4‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  She's a great defensive player, but you played better offense, huh?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, you know I saw her match yesterday against Kuznetsova and I saw that she really likes long rallies and likes to, you know, go for it when she can.
So my strategy today was just to play aggressive as I can but not to go crazy for it.  I was using my legs a lot today and moving very good on the court.  You know, just going for my backhand down the line and forehand down the line and just, you know, make her to make a lot of winners.  Yeah.

Q.  Career record against Agnieszka is I think 3‑nil in her favor.  It's been a long time since you played, I think five years.  What are you expecting tomorrow?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Against Agnieszka?

Q.  Yes.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, I think our last meeting was maybe three, four ‑‑ I don't remember when was it last time.  Maybe it was Open I would say.  I don't know.
But now it's a little bit different story.  It's a finals.  I haven't played her for a long time and she's great player.  She's playing a lot with her head.  She's using, trying to use everything on the court.
So let's see if my game is going to be good enough tomorrow.

Q.  You talked about this before, the balance between being very offensive and defensive and getting the right balance so you're winning matches consistently.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Exactly.  I have a new coach.  We worked together for only maybe two, three months, and he knows me because he's our Fed Cup captain.  I make this choice because we talk a lot about my tennis.  You know, he thinks‑ he thought ‑ that I should not only try to play aggressive and go for everything, but I can only use my legs because I'm really moving well on the court so I can have like two weapons, my moving and my forehand and backhand.
So now I hope everything is going like together.  (Smiling.)

Q.  You're an experienced player.  Must be exciting to make a final.  How do you deal with the nerves the night before?  Try to get a good night's sleep?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, you know, I already played a couple finals.  Yeah, that's what it's called experience.  I'm really looking forward for tomorrow's match.  I saw we going to play 7:30.  It's going to be my first night match here.  I hope I going to handle it very well.
I don't know, I just go back to hotel and relax.

Q.  Feel like patting yourself on the back?  It's quite an achievement to get to a final.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, it's really nice.  This is my first time playing before Australian Open so well and going to the finals, so it really gives you a lot of the confidence.  This tournament was really strong.  Many girls from top 10 were here and I played already three of them.
It was just a lot of confidence.

Q.  So you're getting closer and closer to the top 10.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, I'm just not trying to think about it, because after Carlsbad last year I was only out of the top 10 and it was not good.
So let's see what's going to happen.  I just wish to continue like this.

Q.  So Radwanska could be complicated because she likes pace and power.  Talk a little bit about that, how to deal with that.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  That's what I was just trying to say.  She's not very aggressive player, but she's using power and trying to get you out of the court.  Basically, you know, I'm just going to try‑‑ she's maybe a little bit similar player like Kerber.  She like long rallies and she likes to play a lot on the court.
So I will try to play good.  I hope my forehand is going to work and my serve is like today.  I think everything is open.

Q.  Did you see all the schedule changes with the WTA calendar?  Did you see Tokyo is going to China?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, I just heard like very recently.

Q.  What's your thought on all the tournaments going to China after the US Open?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  You know, it was already in Asia.  You know, it was Tokyo and Beijing, and now we going to stay only in the China.  It's very tough schedule, but, you know, you're a professional.

Q.  As a European, how do you deal with that knowing you have to go from New York and go to Asia for six weeks, huh?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, it's not easy.  Always from New York I can home.  Most of us go back to Europe and practice one week and then we go back to Asia, you know.
It's not very easy, but it's always the end of the year.  Many, many players are just ‑‑ everybody have to do this, so, yeah.

Q.  Deal with it?

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