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January 10, 2013

Robert Rock


ROBERT ROCK:¬† Really tricky start, first few holes wind is very, very difficult, I was a couple over early on, wasn't too bothered by that.¬† Thought that was probably average.¬† Just a couple of chances on the shorter holes but then the back nine, started to hole a few putts and two relatively straightforward birdies and ended up 2‑under.

Q.  We have had some hugely impressive scores here on this course in the past, not saying yours isn't impressive, but in these conditions, it is?
ROBERT ROCK:  It is a good score in these conditions, considering the strength of the wind at the start.  Thongchai is probably putting together a great round right now from what we've seen.
It's different than the last time we played, a lot softer, a lot easier, a test of old school, traditional courses, they play all different ways.¬† The trees and bushes are really dense and you don't really have the option to play out, so if you do miss the fairway‑‑ that makes it tricky.
Your iron shots, you don't have the normal options you do off a flat lie.

Q.  Looks like there's a lot of thought involved out there, as well, not just standing on the tee, bash it, you have to know where it plod your way around?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, that's what I like with South Africa really is that we get to play courses like that a lot.  We have a lot of courses like that, so it's a nice change from the tracks where you just bash it as far as you can.

Q.  How has winter been?
ROBERT ROCK:  I had 2 1/2 weeks off, a little bit of practice and usual Christmas.

Q.  So not too much rust?
ROBERT ROCK:  No, I felt like I played quite well in Dubai at the end of the season and I was almost at the end of last season starting to prepare for this season because these are the places that we come to that I like and I expect to play better and have a bit more enthusiasm to play.  Couple of weeks is probably needed just to get a few things in order and then off we go again.

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