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January 10, 2013

Louis Oosthuizen


LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  You know, you couldn't even put up an umbrella because the rain was actually coming in underneath it, so that didn't really help.
Yeah, it was tough.  But I just wanted to hit greens, fairways and greens, and give myself some opportunities still.  I started hitting the ball well the last few holes.

Q.  In the build up to this Volvo Golf Champions, you said there would be low scoring, and there has not really, apart from Thongchai.  Yours is impressive but it's given the circumstance.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Well, it's only a few years back, the weather was pretty good.  I think that it played a bit different.  Today it played very tough.
You know, especially to when you turned from 14 on in, it was straight into the wind, and you know, the rain started coming down big time there, as well.  So, it was tough.  Especially those five holes.

Q.  Are there any highlights, where you thought, Louis, this is going to be a good day?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  No, it was shaky all around.  Starting off with the first five holes downwind, I didn't take my opportunities, and a few birdies, but immediately made bogeys, as well.
Just got to the 12th tee and just decided to shorten the swing a little, don't try anything too‑‑ don't try anything funny really and just hit the center of the green and give myself putts.  I made two nice putts for birdies and a few putts for pars, as well.

Q.  And hence, a good foundation for the week?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, it's a good spot to be in.  It's still a lot of birdies out there.  I just hope the rain stays away.

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