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January 10, 2013

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE:¬† Today was good.¬† I played lovely.¬† I only hit two poor shots all day and they were both on the same hole.¬† I hit a poor tee shot on the 8th, way right with a driver.¬† Tried to hit a lowly little knuckle wall off that tee and hit it in the bushes.¬† Chipped it sideways and duff‑hooked a rescue third should.
But apart from those two shots, I was never in trouble.  And we had the toughest part of the day, know question.

Q.  Concentrate on the good things; because you got it going on the back nine, didn't you?
PAUL LAWRIE:¬† Yeah, I played lost.¬† I played nicely all day to be fair.¬† Apart from those two shots on 8, I can't think of a shot I hit off‑line.¬† It was a good start, first rounds of the year can be quite difficult but 3‑under par out there today was a good effort.

Q.  Was there something about the back nine that elicits more birdies?
PAUL LAWRIE:  No, I just hit it closer than on the front nine, simple as that.  The nines are pretty similar to be fair.  The course is fantastic, it's quite tight off the tee.
If you spray it about a little bit, you're going to be in trouble.¬† You've got to hit the fairways around this course, and if you do, the course is pretty short and pretty easy.¬† But if you hit it off‑line, it's not so easy.

Q.  Elaborate on the course being fantastic, because I imagine this is the kind of place you like, it's a good challenge, isn't it?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, good breeze blowing today, which I like.  There's always going to be a breeze blowing here which obviously saves it a little bit, protects it.  You've got to play good to get a score out there.  It's quite tight so you have to hit good tee shots.
Holed out lovely today, putted nicely, as Colin managed to tell me, "nice putting."

Q.  Expectations?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Expectations are no more than they were start of last year.  Just same thing, just play one week at time a time, see what happens, not going to get too far ahead of myself.  I know I'm swinging well.  I know the putters a lot better, so we'll just see what happens.

Q.  Do you make resolutions for the new year?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Not really big into goals or resolutions or anything like that.  Just pitch up, play and go, simple.

Q.  How was your break?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Break was lovely.  Nine weeks.  Put on nine pounds, nice.  Just like everyone else.

Q.  Taking it off like most of us do or keep it on like Pádraig Harrington?
PAUL LAWRIE:  The next three weeks, it's going to be quite difficult, but got to be done.

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