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January 8, 2013

Angelique Kerber


A. KERBER/G. Voskoboeva
6‑2, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How was it out there for you today?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah, it was nice.  (Laughing.)  No, for sure the weather condition are very strong and strange, but I think, yeah, for everybody it's the same.  You need to go out there and try your best and just thinking about the points and not about the weather.

Q.  Your opponent was treated for heat stress at one stage, yes?

Q.  The girl you played against, Galina, was treated for heat stress.
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I have no idea.  I don't know what's happen there.
THE MODERATOR:  She was treated.

Q.  But you saw the medical timeout?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I saw, but I was not sure what's happen.

Q.  What do you do when something like that happens with your opponent?  How did you stay inside your own head?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I just try to focus on me and just thinking what I will do next and how the match, yeah, how I will continue the match.
Actually I was talking a little bit with my coach and that's it.  Just waiting.

Q.  Your next opponent is Svetlana.

Q.  Obviously her ranking is not where it was because of injury.  She's going to be a very dangerous opponent in the draw in the next few weeks, do you think?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yes, for sure.  She's always a dangerous opponent.  She's coming back from her injuries and, okay, the ranking is not how she's playing, but I'm looking forward to play against her tomorrow.
It'll be another tough and hard match.  Yeah, I think I will just go out there, try to play my best, and having fun.  We'll see what's happen.

Q.  How did you handle the heat yourself?  What could you do to try and lessen its impact?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah, drink a lot.  Drink lot and just prepare like you prepare always before your matches.
I think also the heat shows, yeah, to us that we are fit and the preparation was not bad and we can handle with the weather.
So just I was preparing like for normal match and was not thinking too much about the heat.

Q.  How much water do you drink before the a game when you know it's going to be hot?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  A lot.  I was starting drinking when I woke up, so I think it was a lot of liters of water.

Q.  How many liters?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  That's tough to say.  Maybe two, three.  Yeah.

Q.  And it's water, not sports mixed drink or anything like that?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  It's more water.  On court I drink like sport mix, but before just water.

Q.  Was there any stage where you felt like it was too hot to be out there, or did you feel it was okay to play?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I was feeling this when I was warming up in the morning.  I usually practicing like 30, 35 minutes.  Today it was like say, 15, 20, but that was it.
I was, yeah, feeling it before my match.  Then it was okay because I knew this.

Q.  Have you played in these conditions before somewhere?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I was playing like two years ago in Dallas and it was the same like here.

Q.  Do you feel it's a good preparation for Melbourne next week in case you get something similar?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  For sure I think it's a good preparation for Melbourne.  In Melbourne the weather can be the same.  So to have matches in this heat and also to just prepare before Melbourne I think it's a good way.

Q.  Have you seen a trainer after the match or had any treatment to cope with it?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I will go after here to have a little bit massage.  I go to the ice bath also for 10, 15 minutes, and that's it.

Q.  Do you normally have an ice bath after each match?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Not after each match, but, yeah, if it's like this you need to go there.  (Smiling.)

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