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January 8, 2013

Agnieszka Radwanska


A. RADWANSKA/K. Date‑Krumm
6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How hot is it out there on court did you find it today?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, when I was warming up at 9:30 it was still okay, but during our match was pretty hot; especially in the end of the match it was getting worse and worse.
Now I think it's really hot.

Q.  Have you played in hot conditions like that before?  Was that as hot as you've played in?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I played couple times when it was so hot, but for sure not this year yet.  I remember I think three years ago was the worst in Melbourne that I played as well.

Q.  Where was that?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I think in Melbourne I think three years ago was also very hot day.  But for sure today was one of the hottest day I played for sure.

Q.  Is it getting to the state they might have to stop it and give the players a bit of a reprieve?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I think so.  I think this is too hot to play tennis.  Even for players, for ball kids, for the people sitting out there, I think it's just too hot.

Q.  Do you find yourself adjusting your game at all?  You usually like to work the points.  When it's this hot do you think, Maybe I should end this point faster?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I mean, I was trying to play the same game, the same tennis, but sometimes you're just more fighting with yourself to just stay there than against your opponent.
I think the first main thing is just to stay calm and trying to survive.

Q.  Does it feel more like the heat is your opponent than the player?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Exactly.  That's the point in those kind of days for sure.

Q.  What did you do on court between the breaks to try to keep yourself cool?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, I was trying to drink more than unusual.  Of course every changeover ice as well, and of course ice bath after the match as well.

Q.  Ice bath?

Q.  Do the players get much input in terms of commenting on these kind of situations and sort of saying, Well, this is too much?  Are your concerns taken fairly seriously?  How does that work?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Yeah, I think we just see each other in the locker room after the matches and I think we‑‑ all of us just saying that it's too hot.  Sometimes you're playing because it's automatic thing and sometimes not thinking because it's just so hot that you cannot really think that you are on court and playing.
So it's extremely hot today.  I think even now playing second or third match is even worse than the first.

Q.  Would you be in favor of a third‑set tiebreaker in singles matches on days like this outside of the Grand Slams?

Q.  Like they do in doubles, if it gets too hot, having a tiebreaker instead of the third set?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, I mean, hmmm, this is tricky question, because the supertiebreak is sometimes too fast.  For sure the score will be different than playing three sets.
Singles is singles, so doesn't matter how hot it is out there, should be normal I think scores, yeah.

Q.  So you would be in favor of delaying the matches until the nighttime or the next day?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Yes, definitely.

Q.  What if it keeps going on during the week though?  Then what do you do?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I think I would prefer go on court at 11:00 p.m. and play a match.

Q.  What about you and your fitness?  Do you go out there and feel good about your body and training?  Do you feel like you have a little bit of an advantage?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, sometimes it's the day that you're feeling so good, even with this weather; sometimes it's just not your day and you're just feeling so bad even when you do everything good just to prepare yourself for those kind of matches.
I think my fitness is good.  I was really working hard in the off‑season, and I think I never have a problem with my fitness to playing three‑set matches.
But sometimes the sun, it's just too much and feels like I can't finish my match, yeah.

Q.  In the locker rooms is there any talk of players withdrawing because of the heat?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I don't think so.  Maybe on court if they really feel so bad maybe yes, but for sure not before the match, no.

Q.  When you plan your schedule in the off‑season, do you think, Well, if I win Auckland and Sydney I'll go into Melbourne with a lot of the matches played, or were you so confident with your fitness that you thought it doesn't matter, you'll be fine there anyway?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  So far I feel fine.  I don't have any problems and it's beginning of the year.  So it's not like in the end of the year that we play so many tournaments, so many matches and we can think sometimes it's too much and it's better not to play everything before the Grand Slam.
But so far I'm feeling good.  I think it's still good preparation for Australian Open.

Q.  How do you feel you played today in these conditions?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, for sure I think it was not the best tennis, that's for sure.  Especially in the first set was kind of weird.  A lot of breaks.
In the second set I felt a little bit better in these conditions.  I think I kind of used to it.
But still I was still happy that I could win this match in two sets, because you never now how it's going to be the third set, especially in these conditions.

Q.  How did you feel like you used the conditions in the second set?  What did you do to use the conditions to your advantage?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, for sure I was trying to especially winning my serve.  So I was really serving much better than in the first set, and a lot of winners even from the first serve.
So for sure that was the key to not play many rallies out there.

Q.  What was the most important thing you worked on during the off‑season?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, like I was saying, I'm not really improve just one thing or one shot when I'm practicing and working out.  It's always about everything.
That's what I did as well this off‑season, so pretty much on everything.

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