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May 27, 2005

Moira Dunn


JOEL LAMP: We've got Moira Dunn here in the interview room. A 4 under par round today gets you to 6 under. Start off with your score card. You started off on 10, right?


JOEL LAMP: Birdies on 14 and 15.

MOIRA DUNN: 14, I was about six feet above the hole.

On 15, I hit a little 9 iron to four feet.

JOEL LAMP: You followed that up with a birdie on 2.

MOIRA DUNN: 2, I hit the green in two with a 6 iron and 2 putted.

JOEL LAMP: How far was the first putt?

MOIRA DUNN: Probably about 40 feet.

JOEL LAMP: Birdie on 4.

MOIRA DUNN: 4, I hit pitching wedge to about five feet.

JOEL LAMP: Birdie on 6.

MOIRA DUNN: 6, I hit gap wedge to about a foot.

JOEL LAMP: Bogey on 7.

MOIRA DUNN: 7, I was on the right fringe and putted up and missed like a five footer.

JOEL LAMP: Talk a little bit about your round. I know you had the four hour delay. You shot a 4 under par round, probably the best round in the morning wave. Just general thoughts about your round.

MOIRA DUNN: I was pretty happy. I felt I left a few putts out there. The pins seem to be in slightly different places than they have been in the past. We had some tricky reads and I just didn't make a couple of putts I thought I should have made. I was really happy with my tee to green play, and I was lucky enough to make a few of them, so it kind of kept my day rolling.

JOEL LAMP: Questions?

Q. How did the delay play in? You had one hole to go and you had to wait for four hours. How did that affect your concentration?

MOIRA DUNN: We actually just went in there and relaxed. We waited quite a while to hear what was going on. We knew there was a front; you could see it coming, and we heard it while we were in the clubhouse. So we kind of knew what was going on. It was kind of a bummer. I mean, our group only had one hole left. It would have been great. I went out there and hit two great shots and missed an eight footer on 9. So I can't complain.

I'm not complaining. You can't do anything about the weather. I just have to live with it and go in there and relax and not get stressed out over a delay. I knew with one hole I was going to finish today.

Q. (The conditions of the greens and fairways.)

MOIRA DUNN: That green seemed a little soft. You said it was four hours. And a little rain helps, but I think the overall condition of the course is great. I wouldn't say it needed any improvement, but they may have softened up a little bit.

Q. The past few weeks you've been playing pretty well. Is your game where you want it to be at this point?

MOIRA DUNN: I'm pretty happy with my start. It's probably one of my best starts in my career. Golf is funny. You have to ride the wave when you have it. I've been playing pretty well and hopefully I can continue this and make something happen.

Q. Do you have any family members or friends here?

MOIRA DUNN: My dad is in town. He came in on Wednesday. He always comes down to Corning. It's a great place for me. I played here as an amateur and I just love coming back.

JOEL LAMP: Thanks a lot, Moira.

End of FastScripts.

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