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January 4, 2013

Grigor Dimitrov


6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Seemed that you played the best tennis of your career; do you agree?

Q.  Yeah.
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Well, I don't think for my career, but definitely playing well this tournament.  I had a good three matches already; played a couple doubles matches.
It seems I feel good on these courts here, and the conditions actually suit me.  I'm always looking for the next match, which is always a goal for me after I had a kind of tough matches, two first tough matches.
So I was looking really to get on court today and just play some tennis, and of course compose myself and be good.

Q.  You looked very, very relaxed on the court.  Did something change in your mind during the off‑season?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Well, I'm sure a lot of things.  I've been practicing more than five weeks in the off‑season.  Of course I had great days and bad days.
But, you know, I still believe that I'm looking in the long‑term when I play.  I mean, it's just a tournament.  Of course to me the most important thing is going to be how I'm going preparing on Grand Slam and all these tournaments.
I think these tournaments are kind of a warmup just to set the clock and see where you are at the moment.  I mean, everyone has his own routine before big matches and big tournaments.
So I don't know if something big changes at the off‑season, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Q.  17 aces.  You must be pretty happy about the serving.
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Yeah, I've been serving quite good these days.  I been feeling well all over the court in general.
Today was also one of these matches I wasn't feeling 100% on the court, but I had to go through it.  Then actually the serve was the tool that get me out of there.  I was pretty happy with that.

Q.  Do you sense with Rafa not being here there may be some room to make a good leap this summer?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Yeah, of course.  I mean, I believe Rafa misses to all of us.  I don't know, but misses to me.
Of course I think he's very important for, let's say for the younger guys like me, Raonic, Harrison, Tomic, and all these guys to be good at 2013.
Of course if there is a little window here and there to be able to execute that spot and of course get better for the '13.  Well, I'm looking forward to many more matches in this year.
Of course stay healthy would be one of the main things.

Q.  This time last year there was a lot of grumbling behind the scenes from the players about the prize money.  The money in the Australian Open has been increased in the first couple rounds.  Do you think that's enough?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Well, to be honest, I'm a bit outside of these things.  I mean, I'm always with the players, of course.  I got to be with the players.
I think what Australian Open does, it's, I mean, it's unseen.  I don't know if any other Grand Slam would actually do the same thing.  I think everyone is happy with the decision.  Let's see how it's going to be in the future.
Of course everyone else is pushing for the other Grand Slams to see if they can make something else, of course.  But I think Australian Open is putting really quite a high level for that.
Let's see in the future.

Q.  You're a young guy coming onto the scene.  Has there been players who you've been contemporaries with who could have made it on the tour who chose not to because it wasn't economically viable?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  I know a few guys.  I'm not going to name them.  But it's also depends if you really love the game or not, in a way.  Some players are playing just for the game; others playing for national point of view.
But I think everyone chooses his own way for that.  It's not an easy sport.  It's definitely one of the most competitive sports on the earth.  So, I mean, I would understand if they don't want to choose that.

Q.  You have a chance now against Marcos Baghdatis in the semifinal.  What are your thoughts on that match?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  It's going to be a good match, of course.  Semifinal, it's always great to be out there.  I played Marcos couple times before, and, I mean, we know our game pretty much.
I mean, I just want to go out there tomorrow and just enjoy, play my game, and of course improvise a little bit.

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