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January 2, 2013

Gael Monfils


G. MONFILS/P. Kohlschreiber
6‑4, 2‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What pleased you most, getting the results or your physical condition or winning big points at the end?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Obviously the three of these, yes?テつ I mean, for sure the results because it's always good to have a great victory like this in your belt.
Then, yeah, physically I'm happy because I serving like very fast and no pain, nothing very special, so I was pleased with that.
And, yeah, definitely the end of the match, I was very aggressive, and I made the shots, so I was happy with that.

Q.テつ He tried to come at you quite a lot in the end, as well, didn't he?テつ Was he more aggressive than you remember him before?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yeah.テつ I'm thinking in the start he was very aggressive.テつ And honestly I was a bit scared because I saw the ball goes very fast, and I was expecting like long rallies.
Then I have to adapt, change my tactic.テつ And that's why also I think I become more aggressive and I try to play a bit more loopy in the end sometime to give me time and make him play up there, because he has very, very clean winners when I was playing under his belt.
So then I think I had a lot of luck because I risk a lot of shots, and I made it.テつ So it's not every day, but today it came through fine.

Q.テつ Were you affected by the time violation warning in the second set?テつ Did that affect you?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, a little bit.テつ I think I got a bit ‑‑I think I let down my concentration because I think I had one for nothing, because as I told the umpire and the other one, it's like, I'm fit.テつ I'm not pumping at all.テつ And if I'm taking time, it's because I'm just like try to dry my hands.テつ So actually, it's not a violation, actually.
So then I tried to focus again, and then, you know, you have to make some obstruction, and I think I did it right.

Q.テつ Yesterday Feliciano also had a problem with the umpire about the time violation.テつ Obviously today also.テつ Do you have a problem with the time violation?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, it's a bit tough.テつ It's like come for a long time without in tennis, and then they give you new rules like this.
Can be fine.テつ Actually, I like it because I'm the type of player, you know, I play with my physique.テつ So it's cool if you have short time to recovery, I'm happy with.
But actually, if you dry your hand, they have to be something because everyone can see, and I told him, I asked my towel, I was in the baseline every time.テつ So I tried to make it good.
And then, as I told him, it's like if it can be ten second, I'd be happier, because I don't know any players can run for 10‑second maximum and get back 10 seconds.テつ I think I'd be one of the best.テつ So for sure it help me.
So they have to manage and to judge.テつ I think the umpire have to judge if the guy is really taking time because he's tired or whatever or he's taking maybe two or three seconds more because of ball kids or whatever can happen.

Q.テつ Are you in favor of a countdown clock on the courts between points?テつ Are you in favor of a countdown clock on the courts, 25‑second countdown clock?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ No, I'm not counting, but actually you're in bit of rush, in rush.テつ It's tough because it's the first time, so you still thinking about.テつ But it will help me I think in the end.

Q.テつ Do you think you were unfairly treated?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ On this one?テつ I took it, the warning, but as I told him, if I have a penalty point it was like, yeah, unfair because I like these courts and I think it's cool.テつ I'm happy with that because I'm not pumping at all.テつ So it's fair enough.テつ But if I dry my hand and it goes for 26 second, sorry, but 26 seconds is not the end of the day.

Q.テつ When you were obviously out a lot last year, how did you fill your time besides rehab?テつ Was it frustrating?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yeah, it was a bit frustrating because you're not doing what you love.テつ But actually I was fine.テつ I was with my family, stay a lot with my family, with my friend, and, you know, just discover like plenty of new stuff.
You know, actually you live your life.テつ You know, you're a tennis player, but we have a life and I'm young.
So I traveled a bit, be with my friend, be a good kid to my parents.テつ So it was different.

Q.テつ Did you forget about real life from the road and it kind of renewed your interest?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, it's not real life because the real life is you're a human being.テつ The real life is when my mom ask me to take out the trash.テつ This is the real life.
Here it's real life, too, but it's a job.テつ So it's just like you're not going to play tennis, but, you know, I'm doing most of normal stuff, basic stuff, without playing tennis.テつ It's the same.テつ Actually, it's the same.テつ The only exception is I not a tennis player.

Q.テつ What inspired the new 'do?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Here is nothing.テつ I think it's getting taken off maybe tomorrow or in two days.テつ It's just like I have long hair, very long hair.テつ It's very long.テつ Just take hair after hair and curl it and put the cream and put it like this.テつ But I still have pretty long hair.

Q.テつ How long has it been like that?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ For five days, five days.

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