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January 1, 2013

Lukas Rosol


L. ROSOL/P. Andujar
6‑2, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about the match today?
LUKAS ROSOL:  Yeah, well, it was not easy match for me because I was playing with him in two years, and he always win against me.  I was 0‑2 down before this match.
But it was a good start for me this year, especially, you know, even you don't know what to expect from yourself.  First match always is not easy, but I was playing pretty good and pretty happy for it.

Q.  You are the last player who win Rafa Nadal.  Do you think you can beat him again?
LUKAS ROSOL:  Well, tennis, everything is possible.  We are just the people.  Nobody is a machine or something.
I believe that I can win against Rafa, against Roger, against anyone.  Just tennis.  You know, whoever win the last point is a winner.

Q.  Do you think he can recover to his best level?
LUKAS ROSOL:  I thought he's gonna be ready already here and Australian Open, but I heard that he pull out again.
So, well, I concentrate myself.  So I'm just not looking on him.  But, yeah, well, I think he will come back stronger and maybe even stronger than he was.

Q.  Did you sense anything in that match that he was having any difficulty as you remember back to that day?
LUKAS ROSOL:  No, I didn't see anything.  I mean, he was running fast and everything.  You know, he was trying his best that day.
Sometimes, you know, my game is like this.  If I don't give him chances, so then it's difficult to play against me.  But I didn't see anything.

Q.  I assume there has been more interest in you since that match and particularly because Rafa hasn't played.  How have you handled that?
LUKAS ROSOL:  I handled it?  Did I beat Rafa?

Q.  No, just the more interest in you since then.
LUKAS ROSOL:  Nadal always was saying that he was not good prepared and he was injured like this, that sort of thing?

Q.  No, what I'm saying is more people have noticed you because you beat Rafa and now you're a name.
LUKAS ROSOL:  Well, I don't think I'm name, but I'm trying to, you know, playing good tennis.  You know, that's it.  Working on myself, not looking if Rafa is coming back in two, three weeks or two, three years.
I mean, it's always his problem, so I'm just trying to concentrate myself and come back again stronger and win couple more matches like against Rafa.

Q.  No, but are you feeling like people are talking to you and asking for you?
LUKAS ROSOL:  No, I don't feel any pressure.  They just recognize me because of I beat, I won that match, but they just congratulate me.  For me, it's already history.  I have to look forward always.

Q.  After Isner and Mahut, very long match in Wimbledon, they got sick of the fact that everybody was only talking to them about that for a very long period.  Do you feel that you wish that people would now move on and remember you for something else, or is it a goal in 2013 to do something bigger than beating Rafa?
LUKAS ROSOL:  You know, for me, it's important to play a couple more matches like this and win a couple more matches like this.  You know, for me, it's already history.  I cannot live from this result.
Well, I'm trying to play couple more matches like this in this year, so hopefully we will make it.

Q.  Can you tell us a little bit how you began playing tennis and everything, who your idols were when you were little?
LUKAS ROSOL:  Yeah, my family, they was all sportsmen.  My brother was playing ice hockey.  And I start also ice hockey when I was five, but then when I was seven, the ice hockey stadium finished in my city.  So I just moved to tennis courts.  They were just next to each other.  So then I start to play tennis.  I had school and I had tennis.  Those were the only two things I was doing at that time.
Yeah.  I was not thinking about it, that I can do something else, you know.  So I was putting everything on this sport and it was working for me, yeah.
Then I changed ‑‑ when I was 13, then I changed the city to Prerov.  There was a great center, sports center, tennis center in Czech and they learned me to how play there more, and now I'm living four years in Prague and my game improved again.

Q.  When you mean the ice hockey was finished, they closed the rink?
LUKAS ROSOL:  Yeah, they closed the rink, so then I just moved to tennis.

Q.  Isn't that strange?  I mean, I would think ice hockey is a big deal in the Czech Republic.
LUKAS ROSOL:  In Czech Republic, yeah.  I wanted to play ice hockey and I still playing good, you know, but I'm happy that I choose tennis.

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