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December 31, 2012

Nikolay Davydenko


6‑2, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Do you feel you're hitting the ball well at the start of the new year?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  You know, like today still is not new year, yeah.  We're playing in 2012, like, say, my match was in like my last season.
I really not enjoy to play on 31st.  But anyway, I will enjoy not play tomorrow.  I can really celebrate my party tonight and sleeping and play match on 2nd.
But was pretty fast and pretty well match, I hope.

Q.  What do you prefer doing on the 31st usually?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  What I'm prefer?  You know, I'm allowed to drink today some alcohol, you know.  You know, a little bit.  Because I don't need to play tomorrow.
You know, sometimes it's like ‑‑ how explain?  We have no Merry Christmas in Russia, but New Year it's like really celebration for us.  We make some party, enjoy this time.
That's was today was, you know, I was also asked tournament director, Please put me first or second match.  You know, I don't really want to be so really late if I play on 31st.  I ask him, if you put me on 1st, doesn't matter what time you put me already.  You can put me last.
But, you know, I really happy, you know, to win today match and, you know, to do some, you know, fun today.

Q.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but listening to you talk, you sound different from the very disciplined tennis player that took you right up to No. 4 in the world.  Do you enjoy your tennis more now?  Are you a little more relaxed?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  How I say?  Last year in past, like I mean end of the last season, not last year, last season, I tell everyone from my family and my brother, you know, I will like push myself.  I want to again.  You know, I want to try next season to play again and practicing concentration, try to do how I can, because I'm pretty, you know, I'm already not so young.  That's was maybe I have two more years, maybe one more year.
Why not?  Because I was last season injury.  I don't play so well.  I still top 50.  That's was I need to think about if I really will be no injury, and I really concentrate for my matches and for my practice, and maybe I can be top 20.  That's was result.  We will see end of the next season.

Q.  When you come back to where you beat Federer and Nadal, does that give you an emotional lift?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  I mean, at this time when I beat Federer my first time in London, then I was start to thinking, yes, now I beat everyone, everybody from top 10.  Now I can, you know, feeling I can beat now everyone.
But, you know, after I was broke my wrist and start from 0 and, you know, slowly come back, it's very tough.  It's already not so easy beat.
But now, like say, I'm not top 10, but like I say, everybody want to be top 10, yeah?  I can say, yes, I want to come back, but nobody know if I can beat.  That's was depend on the result.  Depends who I play in Grand Slam.
For us it's important also Grand Slam tournament doing result there like quarterfinals, semifinal.  Then for sure if I play at semifinal, Australian Open or Roland Garros, US Open, then for sure you come, you know, you be top 10.  That's was I think there is result of the biggest tournament is important for us.

Q.  You have been doing this a really long time.  Do you have favorite places, like a couple of favorite places that you like to go?  If so, why?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  You mean where?

Q.  Like tournaments.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  Some tournaments?

Q.  Yeah.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  Wow.  You know, for us it's like really job to go to every tournament.  I always try to find, you know, enjoy, you know, in some place in every week.
We are already choose, like we have in one week three tournament, and I will choose which tournament I will like to go.  Do I need to go to USA after Australian Open or stay in Europe or go to South America?
But I prefer to be like, say, at home in Europe because I can take my family, I can enjoy this time with my family, like three, four weeks, and then go back again to Indian Wells, Miami for one month, really, you know, play there alone, I would say.  Not alone but with coach or with physio.  But before, I can take my family, you know, my baby and will be much more, for me, more like enjoy.
But tournament, I don't say like this tournament is perfect.  Everybody have something.

Q.  Were you in Miami last year?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  No, not last year.  Not last year.

Q.  I don't know if you heard, but they're going to...
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  Last season I don't won any tournament.  That was my first year where I didn't won any tournament.

Q.  They're going to revamp Miami and add a court and make all these changes.  Do you feel like the event when you've been there is tired and needs that uplift?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  Like we always surprising, you know, every year we coming in and something, tournament changing.  For us, everything ‑‑ you know, like every tournament try to make for players something perfect.
We enjoy, really.  For sure, if something like change in Miami like was changing in Cincinnati, also, some lounge and, you know, locker rooms, it's really good, you know.
I don't know.  I didn't hear about something in Miami will change.  For sure it's will be good for us, but I always like Miami.  Doesn't matter if it will be change or doesn't change.  It's good tournament.  You can play golf.  You enjoy the weather.

Q.  I read today that you said yesterday that the people can miss Nadal but the players not?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  Yeah, who want to play against Nadal first round or second round, you know?  If Nadal will be there and like I play against him first round, I will be not enjoy this one.  (Laughter.)
Like last time I play against Federer first round here.  Like I was surprising, really I was thinking Federer play Nadal here, but Federer not here and Nadal not here.  Perfect.  (Laughter.)
For us, it's very good for the players.  For sure for tournament it's not good, but for us it's good.  We have chance to win.  Everybody now have chance to win because everybody say like 99% for Nadal or Federer tournaments.  Now, you know, have good chance.

Q.  As you said last year, you played Federer in the first round, so what do you think of the draw of this year?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO:  Draw is like still, you know, tough because doesn't matter against who you play.  We have top 100 players.  I'm not like seeded player here.  I'm like 44 in the world.  I can also play against first round against Ferrer.  It's also I don't like say enjoy, you know, first round play against him.
But in semifinal and quarterfinals already I feel much better, my confidence better, I won two matches and I can already complete against these guys.
Now I have second round Youzhny or somebody else, and against Youzhny I didn't play already two years, and for me it's will be also not so easy against Russian.

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