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December 31, 2012

Arthur Brown


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  The way this game seems to tilt on speed versus discipline, does it seem as though takeaways and penalties play an elevated factor in this game as far as you being on point in both those areas?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Definitely.  That's definitely going to be a great asset to our game, just being disciplined, maintaining our focus, keeping our focus within our scheme, our team.

Q.  You aren't that slow.  Do you look at that as a challenge?  Everybody talks about their speed versus your discipline.  Do you take that as a challenge a little bit?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Obviously they're known for their speed, Oregon.  But I think our team, our guys, we possess speed ourselves.
It's just about, like I said, playing within our role, not getting ourselves out of our function within the team.

Q.  How special a season has this been for the Brown family for you and your brother?
ARTHUR BROWN:  It's been great.  Having an opportunity to come back from Kansas, where I'm from.  My mom, my parents have been able to enjoy my time in college.

Q.  Bryce has done fairly well?

Q.  Does that add to it?
ARTHUR BROWN:  How busy we are, how busy he is, haven't gotten too much of a chance to see him play.  He's been doing a great job.  I'm proud of what he's been able to do.

Q.  We hear a lot about the experience from Oregon because they've been to this bowl before.  Do you think they can really benefit that much from it?  This can't be too much different from the Cotton Bowl last year.
ARTHUR BROWN:  No, like I say, the two bowl games are very comparable.  Cotton Bowl, Jerry Jones stadium, top of the line.  They say this stadium is top as well.
I don't know how big a factor that will be for them.

Q.  The uniform question here.  Would you like to have Oregon's different combinations?
ARTHUR BROWN:  I think that would add a little bit more excitement to the game.  But, no, I'm just fine with what we've got.

Q.  Is that a recruiting tool for young guys?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Yeah, it could be.  Can be used as that.

Q.  Do you look at somebody's uniform?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Me coming out of high school, it did play a factor, I don't know how big of a factor.  A lot of guys do look at that.  How they treat their players, that's important to some guys.

Q.  That uniform budget is going toward a $400,000 expansion of the stadium.

Q.  To be going back to the program, you said you'd like to stick around Kansas State.  The future of this program with the stadium, with the direction, can you talk about the future of K State?
ARTHUR BROWN:  I think it's bright.  That's one thing that we focus on, is to raise the bar and build for the future, I think where we are now, where we hope to finish by the time the season is over with.

Q.  I was talking with your linebacker coach about some of the speed drills, creative things you did to work on speed.  What did you think of the big circle drill?
ARTHUR BROWN:  I think that drill definitely helps because it gives a sense of the runningback being in open space, you have to make an open‑field tackle.  That's very applicable to the game.
We played against runningbacks that are shifty also.

Q.  How well did you do at that drill?
ARTHUR BROWN:  The first time in that drill, let's say I didn't make a tackle.  It was kind of stuff.  Coach got to telling us to stay square, stay low.  That helped me out.  Really not trying to be so aggressive, but maintain and contain him.

Q.  What is your 40 speed?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Probably like a 4.6.

Q.  Every player we talk to on the Oregon offense says you're the guy on defense that scared them the most.  What is your reaction to that?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Like I say, we're a defense.  We're a team.  We complement one another.  That's how we've been so successful throughout this year.

Q.  Do you have an extra burst or step that allows you to get in that backfield?
ARTHUR BROWN:  No.  I definitely possess a sense of speed myself, use it when it's necessary.
I'm more of a sideline‑to‑sideline guy.  I know in this game I'm going to have to play more assignment‑style football.  I'm prepared for that.  I'm prepared both mentally and physically.  They have a fast tempo.  We played against some fast teams.

Q.  You've had a month to get ready for Oregon.  Did you have to do more work in conditioning to go four quarters?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Not more so than what we've done throughout the year.  That's one thing that we focused on because we know we're going to have to be able to finish in the fourth quarter.

Q.  Relief not to go through a Snyder practice again?
ARTHUR BROWN:  It's all going to be a relief, to reflect, embrace the experience.  It's a once‑in‑a‑lifetime experience.

Q.  Are you sad?
ARTHUR BROWN:  About leaving?

Q.  Yes.
ARTHUR BROWN:  Like I said, I'm looking forward to the next step.  I'm in no rush to get there.

Q.  What would it mean for Kansas State to win this game?
ARTHUR BROWN:  It would mean just as much to me as it would to the community of Manhattan, go on this stage and represent this team.

Q.  What do you think about Oregon?
ARTHUR BROWN:  They're a great team, possess a lot of great athletes, have a lot of ability.  As a defensive unit, we're looking forward to that challenge.

Q.  What is the scariest thing about their offense.
ARTHUR BROWN:  Really just seeing how many different weapons they have.  Everyone complements each other's game.  The offense as a whole, how dynamic they are.  That's what poses a great threat to us.

Q.  People make the comparison to West Virginia, Baylor.  After seeing them on film, do they really do things pretty similar or is it a lot different?
ARTHUR BROWN:  I would say the difference was more so the personnel.  We've played against great offenses, get into three‑wide, zone.  Not much of a difference in scheme.  Personnel is a little different, the way they like to use their guys.

Q.  Has it set in for you that this is your last game?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Not really.  I think it will once that time comes.  Like I said, I'm going to take time to definitely look back and reflect.

Q.  How much would it mean to go out with a win?
ARTHUR BROWN:  It would mean a great deal.  We want to raise the bar for guys coming up.

Q.  Obviously this is the end of an amazing journey for you.  If you had a time machine, could go back and talk to Arthur Brown, stepping foot on that campus for the first time, what would you tell him?
ARTHUR BROWN:  What would I tell him?  I'm from Kansas.  The winter, I knew how terrible it could get.  Like I say, coming from Miami, I wasn't prepared for it.
Really, I don't know how to answer that question to be truthful with you.

Q.  How do you avoid getting caught up in the hype of such a huge game?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Our coaching staff does a great job of keeping and emphasizing what we're here for, and that's to win a ballgame.  Keeping that in mind in all we do, I definitely don't lose sight of that.

Q.  You play on a defense that has a lot of local veteran leaders.  One of those is Tre Walker.  Can you describe the impact he's had before and since his injury?
ARTHUR BROWN:  His impact has been no different.  He's definitely a vocal guy and provides leadership for the defense and our team.  He still does that.
His presence alone speaks volumes.  Really just having him around, he's always contributing in our success.

Q.  What kind of impact has that had on the defense?
ARTHUR BROWN:  We're all in need of a leader.  When something needs to be said, he's always the guy.  Not necessarily always, but he's always providing great leadership.

Q.  Heading into next year, how do you think Tre will be to next season?
ARTHUR BROWN:  He's going to be one of many seniors on this team coming up this year.  He's definitely going to have to play more of a leadership role, take responsibility of knowing the young guys coming up, be a great example to them.

Q.  Playing with Collin every day, does that help you prepare for Oregon's quarterback?
ARTHUR BROWN:  We usually prepare with the scout team, not against Collin.
When we do go up against Collin, he has great running ability, as well.

Q.  How do you deal with this team's speed?
ARTHUR BROWN:  I would say by being disciplined and maintaining our poise, not getting outside of ourselves.  We need to play assignment‑style football.

Q.  What is the most impressive thing about this offense watching it on tape?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Really the ability to hit the outside edges of the defense.  That will be our goal, is to contain them.

Q.  Tackling is going to be a pretty big deal for you.
ARTHUR BROWN:  That's always key in any ballgame, just securing the tackles.  That's what our coaches always emphasize.  That's going to be something we focus on as the defense.

Q.  Are you getting tired of hearing about Oregon's speed?
ARTHUR BROWN:  No, not necessarily.  I know that they have speed, and that's something we're going to be faced with as a defense.
Like I say, we're looking forward to having that opportunity to go against such a great offense as Oregon.

Q.  Does it feel like a big game yet?
ARTHUR BROWN:  It is a big game.  It's been a big week.  Recognizing day to day what's at stake.  We need to really zone in and just keep preparing for what's to come.

Q.  What have you enjoyed the most about being out here in Arizona?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Really the time we have being with one another as a team.  It being my senior year, really just spending time with the guys.

Q.  Do you wish you were back home in the snow?
ARTHUR BROWN:  Oh, no (laughter).  I've enjoyed the weather also.  That is definitely something that I wish I could take back home with me.

Q.  How excited are you just to be here, to be in a big game like this?  When you arrived, a bunch of your teammates went over and took pictures with the trophy.
ARTHUR BROWN:  No doubt.  We're definitely looking forward to playing such a great team as Oregon, just the opportunity that the Fiesta Bowl has provided hosting this game, truly an honor for us as a team and the community we represent.

Q.  What's most important to you of all the things you're playing for?  What is the most important thing you're playing for?
ARTHUR BROWN:  For one another, really recognizing the opportunity.  Really with this group of seniors, we have a chance to be one of the greatest teams to come through Kansas State history.  We've always played for one another.  We definitely want to continue to do so this week.

Q.  Do you ever wish you had alternate uniforms, 10 different helmet colors, stuff like that?
ARTHUR BROWN:  That would probably be more appealing.

Q.  Do you think that's pretty cool?
ARTHUR BROWN:  It is cool.  But me personally, I really don't mind our uniforms.  I enjoy what we wear.  I like what we wear.  I don't necessarily compare.

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