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December 31, 2012

Kenjon Barner


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Have you ever seen a back more shifty than you?
KENJON BARNER:  DeAnthony Thomas (laughter).

Q.  Do you have a name for the reflective color of your jerseys yet?
KENJON BARNER:  I don't think so.

Q.  Where does it rank in the other 50 you've worn?
KENJON BARNER:  This one is special.  This is a uniform we wore against USC, so it's special for me.

Q.  Does experience play into it as much as people might think?
KENJON BARNER:  It definitely helps because you know what to expect.  We've been here on the BCS Stagefour years in a row now.  We've become accustomed to the bowl season, what not to expect, what to do, so it helps.

Q.  We hear so much about Collin Klein.  What about John Hubert, what have you seen from him?
KENJON BARNER:  He's a physical runner.  He has a mindset where he doesn't believe he can be tackled.  As a runningback, you have to have that.

Q.  Kenjon, four BCS bowls, you've been here before, you know the routine.  Back to the season, the way Chip runs the season.  When you get to a bowl week, some teams get big‑eyed excited.
KENJON BARNER:  It's having been in four BCS games, you have an understanding of all the lights, the media, the craziness that goes on with a bowl week.  You have an understanding of that.  You don't really get distracted by it.

Q.  Preparation, it's the Fiesta Bowl, but it's just another opponent.  I see you approaching this game, breaking down Kansas State the way you would any season long.
KENJON BARNER:  That's exactly it.  I feel you can't make any game bigger than the other.  Everybody knows the importance of this game, but this is just another opponent.  You prepare the same way you prepare all season.

Q.  You and LaMichael were very close.  Did you have a chance to talk with him before the game?
KENJON BARNER:  I was actually talking to him yesterday night after the game.  He's trying to make it out here.  Hopefully he can.

Q.  As you look at that uniform, that's the last time you'll be wearing a Ducks uniform.  The focus is on the game, but at what point will you allow yourself to sit back and think about your career?
KENJON BARNER:  What time do we play on Thursday?

Q.  6:00.
KENJON BARNER:  Game will be over about 9:00, 9:30.  So about 10:00, 10:30, I'll start thinking about that (laughter).
I have no time to worry about that.  I have to focus on this game.

Q.  It's that Chip Kelly attitude, isn't it?
KENJON BARNER:  It definitely is.

Q.  Are you guys doing anything tonight?
KENJON BARNER:  Not tonight.  It was last night.  It was delicious.

Q.  A question about the uniforms.  What is it like rolling out with all the different uniforms you have?
KENJON BARNER:  It's a lot of fun.  It's the unknown that makes it exciting.  We never know what we're going to wear.

Q.  How does it work that you don't get any kind of input?
KENJON BARNER:  I don't know how it works, but it does.

Q.  You have no idea who chooses them or what?

Q.  Is that a cool thing every week?
KENJON BARNER:  Be surprised.  Absolutely.

Q.  K State, they're wearing the same uniforms they've worn since the early '90s.  Do you think that would be boring at all?
KENJON BARNER:  That's their tradition.  That's what they do.
If I was there, it wouldn't be boring.

Q.  What does Kansas State do defensively that has made them so solid this year?
KENJON BARNER:  Cause turnovers.  They turn them into points, whether it's with their offense or defense.  They do a great job of breaking up passes.

Q.  Is there something offensively you can game plan for?  Do you try to hold the ball a little bit tighter?
KENJON BARNER:  You have to be aware of the ball at all times.  They're going out there trying to strip you.  When it comes to turnovers from the offensive standpoint, I think it's all mental.  You have to be mentally prepared.

Q.  Bottom line is, on game day, Oregon needs to do what to win?
KENJON BARNER:  Play Oregon football.

Q.  Which is what?
KENJON BARNER:  Fast, hard and finish.

Q.  Is that something you talk about every day?
KENJON BARNER:  Something we know.

Q.  Tell me about yourself.  What do you do for fun?
KENJON BARNER:  I like to wakeboard, wakesurf, bowl, hang out with my guys.

Q.  Do you enjoy things like skateboarding?
KENJON BARNER:  I enjoy wakeboarding.

Q.  What is it like being Kenjon, getting the ball, running for 60 and 70 yards every time?
KENJON BARNER:  It's a great feeling.

Q.  You sound like you're relaxed, but at the same time, tense.  Is that true?

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