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December 31, 2012

Marcus Mariota


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You guys are signaling in fast.  What have you done to study or practice communication?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  Just being able to understand.  I think the biggest thing is once the play is done, paying attention to what is going on.  That's one thing I really have to focus on.
Sometimes in high school you're able to throw a pass, watch it, see what happens.  Now after I throw a pass, I need to get my eyes to where they need to be.

Q.  Is it mentally draining to go as fast as you do?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  That's hard to say.  There's been points in time we've been going so fast, but really I think it's so fun to play in there.  You're prepared with what you're doing.

Q.  What are you better at right now in this point of the season?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  Definitely just communicating with these guys up front, the whole offense, being able to communicate what I'm seeing, being able to understand what those guys up front are seeing.
For everybody to be able to continue on the same page, we should be all right.

Q.  At what point in the season did you feel your offense started to trust you, that you weren't a freshman any more?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  I think after the first drive against Arkansas State.  To be able to go through that, to be able to really just go through specifically that third down, it was third and 13, being able to convert it, really gained confidence in myself.  I could see it within the guys itself.

Q.  Your first week coming in, finally here in the limelight.  I want to talk to you about the expectations.
MARCUS MARIOTA:  To be able to feel comfortable and feel confidence will push us to new heights.  I think confidence, being able to be comfortable really involves everybody.  It's been fun to be able to go through all these experiences, find myself, find this comfort level.

Q.  Looking back on the season, Coach Kelly says you fix things quickly and take the wins and losses to hearts.  In what ways have you seen yourself grow?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  From I think specifically after the Stanford loss, how that all happened, handling that with the team, it's really helped me grow, not only as an athlete, but as a person.
Adversity always comes.  To stand up and say that didn't kill me, it's been able to make me better as a human.

Q.  Giving you time in this game is going to help you.  What do you think is going to be the X factor for you?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  Communication.  To be able to be on the same page with the offensive line and the receivers as well.  Be able to communicate, we'll be able to put ourselves in good situations, that's going to be pivotal.

Q.  How are you balancing the sense of urgency and being here?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  Some of the older guys have been here.  Watch what they're doing.  Still business, but sometimes you want to enjoy it.  These older guys have done a good job of making sure we're prepared and enjoy what's going on.

Q.  We were here two years ago and didn't talk to you.  How much different is it this time around?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  It's a lot different.  From last year, to watch what happened has made me prepared.

Q.  Was it kind of cool to walk by and see you're on a table rather than in the peanut gallery kind of thing?
MARCUS MARIOTA:  It's a little surreal, being able to sit up here and have the cameras in my face.  It's surreal, but puts things in perspective.

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