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December 29, 2012

Bill Snyder


Q.  How have you approached practice as far as pacing goes to prep for this game, or have you adjusted at all?
COACH SNYDER:  Well, I don't know about adjusting.  I mean, we have a system in place, as everybody does.  We tend to follow that.
We have what we would consider to be a Monday preparation day, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, et cetera.  That's exactly what we do.

Q.  So you haven't tried to adjust how fast you are going as far as snapping plays with the defense?
COACH SNYDER:  Well, yes, we have a process of how we work on the tempo of the game.  Yes, we always do that.  We've played against some fast teams in our conference, as well.

Q.  Are they looking good as far as keeping up with playing clean and executing the way you expect?
COACH SNYDER:  Never as good as I'd like (laughter).

Q.  It's an early practice in the week.  Are you happy with how things are going so far?
COACH SNYDER:  In some cases yes and others no.  If it was perfect, we'd just go home.
We still got things to get accomplished that we haven't yet.

Q.  What is the most concerning thing when you look at Oregon offensively and defensively?
COACH SNYDER:  Well, it's collective.  You're looking at a football team, everybody wants to talk about their offense, and I understand why.  They're a very talented defensive football team, productive defensive football team.  What really gets lost in the shuffle is their special teams.  They've got some good return units.  They've been very effective with those.  That goes along with speed.  Speed and special teams is a major threat.
We're concerned about all of it.

Q.  Has Chris Harper been able to provide any insight from his time there?
COACH SNYDER:  I haven't put him in that position to do that, no, in all fairness to him.

Q.  Given Oregon's high‑powered offense, is it tempting to put any new wrinkles on defense or better to stick with what got you here?
COACH SNYDER:  Well, everything is tempting (laughter).  I can't tell you we always give in to temptation, but we're often tempted.
It's a long preparation time.  I think both sides, Oregon as well as Kansas State, would have some concern about things that you haven't seen.  Normally you prepare against things you have seen over a 12‑game season, a two‑year season, whatever the case may be, then try to implement guesswork, things you think might feed off of that.
If you haven't seen it, you don't know for sure.  If you're working something that's different than what you've done during the course of the season, then it probably will take some adjustment for either team during the course of the game.

Q.  Talking to Adam, are you pretty impressed given he was dealing with a serious injury that he is where he is right now?
COACH SNYDER:  Yes, I am.  I think he's worked diligently to overcome some of the difficulties that he's had.  He's never been a complainer.  He just rolls his sleeves up and goes to work, has worked through it.  I'm proud of him for that, sure.

Q.  Do you glean more from watching film of that Stanford game compared to the rest of the games during the season?
COACH SNYDER:  The whole season isn't just one ballgame.  You better see them all plus some.
Certainly that would be a game that a lot of people would say you could feed off of that quite well.  But all teams are different.  I mean, our defense is different than Stanford's defense or anybody else's defense and vice versa.  You have to be careful.  You can't say, They did it, so we can do it.  Doesn't work that way.

Q.  Curry was involved in a little bit.  Do you think he can play?
COACH SNYDER:  I think he'll probably be available for us.

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