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July 30, 2005

Sean O'Hair


SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah, it was a strange day. I wasn't I shot 2 under on the front. I played okay, you know, I guess two birdies and the rest pars. But on the first few holes on the back nine, I really wasn't playing that great. I was all over the place with the driver. I wasn't positioning myself. And then I made an eagle on 13, knocked it to about an inch and tapped in and just kind of fed off that. Turned a mediocre round into a pretty good round today.

I just think a lot of things can happen. You know, if you hit a good drive down there, you can have long to medium iron in there and just take advantage of it, if you hit a good shot in there. I think, you know, because on some of the par 4s, like 12, where you've really got to place your ball according to the pin position, because they can put the pin behind a bunker and make it tough to make up and down and make a birdie. And a lot of holes are like that.

But 13, if you just hit that in two and get a birdie where you can knock it on 14 and a few other holes where you have wedges in your hand, if you're having a hard time, it just kind of kick starts your round a little bit.

Q. Will you be trying to catch Vijay tomorrow?

SEAN O'HAIR: I don't even know what he's at. What's he at? Who's in second, at what? I don't know. I think this golf course definitely plays into Vijay's hands. He's the type of player that I don't see backing off. I think he might break some records this week.

Q. Is there a feeling of futility?

SEAN O'HAIR: I mean, stranger things have happened, I guess. I'm going to have to shoot a Tiger round tomorrow with a 61 or something to catch him. But I'm not going to go out there and worry about catching Vijay. That's not what it's about. I'm just going to go out there and enjoy myself and try to play a good round and just go through the process.

Q. Is this course good preparation for the PGA?

SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah, I think every golf course definitely prepares you for the next. Definitely, you've got to drive it well here; it's very tight. Even though you might hit a wayward shot because the rough is not high, you still have trouble and whatnot. It's definitely a good test as far as tee ball is concerned. It's great test for putting because the greens are fast and smooth, and I'm sure that's what Vijay is going to be like. I think it's a pretty good test, yeah.

Q. Inaudible?

SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah, like I said, I was having a hard time making birdies on the holes that you need to make birdies on out here, and 13 just kind of, you know, kick started the round with eagle and then I made a bomb on 14. Then it's off to the races and you just kind of go from there.

Really wasn't thinking about, you know, trying to make more birdies. I was just trying to hit good golf shots and I think at the beginning of the round I was trying to make birdies. I just kind of let it happen at the end of the round.

Q. How was the crowd?

SEAN O'HAIR: It's a lot of fun. It's kind of like a college football game. I think we should have more tournaments like that. I think 17 is a lot of fun with the rowdy crowd and I think it's really cool.

Q. Inaudible?

SEAN O'HAIR: I don't think so, no. I just think it's more of a media thing, but, you know, both of these guys are world class players, they are 1 and 2 in the world. You know, like I guess Tiger is not playing great today, just went out and shot 61 and that's just the game of golf. You can have a great day and actually play better the second day and not shoot as good of a score. So just a weird game and they are both great players, and, so, we'll see.

End of FastScripts.

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