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December 29, 2012

Ryan Doerr


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  (No microphone.)
RYAN DOERR:  When you first get there, you think, This is awesome.  I've been here five years, I hear it all the time, but I still respect it.  But sometimes you might talk about it maybe too much, but it's worth talking about because it's got us where we are, so...

Q.  Can you ever see him using flashcards like TV stuff?
RYAN DOERR:  I don't think he'd like those little flashcards everywhere.  Too much clutter on the sidelines.  Those symbols, I think they change them every week.  There's some funny ones I've seen before.  It's fun watching.

Q.  Does he know how to use an iPhone, stuff like that?
RYAN DOERR:  I'm not sure if he has an iPhone.  He might now.  When I first got here, he was always on a BlackBerry and he knows how to use it.  He sends mass texts out, too.
When he first came back, he was just starting to get in the technology phase.  But, no, he does really well with it.

Q.  Being on special teams, you get to see both offenses and defenses.  Do you see similarities between the two teams?  Anything you see that can help your defense?
RYAN DOERR:  I mean, Oregon's got so much speed.  We do have guys that I feel have good speed, get speed around the edge, do all the edge rushing.  I don't know.  It's hard.  Oregon is a great team, so it's hard to scout 'em out, especially when they got great players.

Q.  In 15, 20 years, what part of Bill Snyder is still going to be part of your life?
RYAN DOERR:  Probably the 16 goals, the values that he's ingrained in us, maturity that we've all had to grow into playing for him, responsibilities, everything.  I don't know.  He's making us men.
It's hard to say one thing about coach.  There's probably a lot of things that he's taught me and stuff, and I probably don't think he taught me that, but I still use it every day.  Just little things like that.
He has made me very good at time management, I'll give him that, being early to things and everything else.
Probably just the way I've matured to what I was has a lot to do with him.

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