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December 27, 2012

Johnathan Franklin

Brett Hundley

Eric Kendricks

Jim Mora


Baylor テや 49
UCLA テや 26

COACH MORA:テつ I will start by saying it was a tough night against a really good football team who played approximately.テつ The most disappointing thing tonight is being in that locker room the last time as a team and the disappointment we feel for the outgoing seniors.テつ They have laid a foundation that we hope we can build on and build something special.
This guy to my left, what can you say about this guy here?テつ He's all that's good about college football, about UCLA.テつ He is way great example to my men sitting on my right that are going to carry on his legacy and I'm fortunate and proud and thankful I got a chance to spend one short season with him.

Q.テつ Jonathan, obviously your career didn't end the way you wanted it to tonight.テつ What will you take from this season and the seasons prior that will get you to the next level?
JOHNATHAN FRANKLIN:テつ I appreciate everything, I'm thankful to have come so far and overcome so much and be a part of a great family and be part of a Bruin nation.テつ They helped me become a man, a young man and that's the best part of this team and I'm honored to be part of this team.

Q.テつ Jim, you talked about just now about building for the future.テつ How much did you learn about how far you still have to build by watching this game tonight?
COACH MORA:テつ We've got a long way to go, and we knew that.テつ But we're on the right path.テつ We're going to continue to work hard.テつ We're going to continue to add quality football players to this team.
We've got some tremendous leaders leaving this program but we've got some great young leaders within this program, two of them right here, Eric and Brett and if you look at their faces you can see the determination that is prevalent in this program.テつ We've got a long ways to go to become the team that we want to be.テつ The team that we want to be is a national champion.
テつTonight showed us how far we have to go but we're determined to get there and we're heading in the right direction but we're a long ways off, we will fight our tails off to get there.

Q.テつ Jim, were you expecting Baylor to blitz as much as they did and how did that impact what you were trying to do offensively?
COACH MORA:テつ As you all know depth at the offensive line supposition a concern of ours and we lost two of our starters in the first half.テつ Jeff Baca played right guard and right tackle and center in this game tonight.テつ So I think Baylor recognized what we were down, not a man but two men and they pinned their ears back and came off us, and it was working.
When it's working and going effective you stay with it.テつ We've got to build depth at that position and that's one of our goals.

Q.テつ Brett, how uncomfortable did that pressure make you tonight?
BRETT HUNDLEY:テつ It is what it is, I don't feel the pressure.テつ I got to play my game and make sure I'm on top of the offensive line and they're trying their best and I got to help them out by making something happen or just throwing the ball where it needs to be.

Q.テつ Eric you forced two fumbles today as a team you won the turn over battle 2‑0 as a defense what does that do for you when you're making plays, forcing turnovers but not seeing the dividends?
ERIC KENDRICKS:テつ I stress turnovers and it can be a big part of the game.テつ And I tried to do what I was supposed to, do and, we all tried to do what we were supposed to do.テつ But high props to them, we didn't get the job done, good job to them.

Q. Brett and Eric, losing three games in a row this season, how much will that fuel you?
ERIC KENDRICKS:テつ I'm going to take the losses and I'm going to work hard and remember that when I'm train and go Brett and the rest of us are going to apply them to our off‑season work outs and our training.
BRETT HUNDLEY: テつYou've got to keep pushing, you've got to learn and get better and keep pushing.

Q.テつ Eric, you knew they had a good offense, what was the most impressive thing about their offense when you were on the field with them?
ERIC KENDRICKS:テつ They had a lot of things, the three front, the center and the guards, they played a good game and their running backs were patient and when you have patient running backs you can find those holes and it opened up the massing game and things started spiraling downhill and we need to contain that as a defense and that's what we should have done.テつ Already.

Q.テつ Jonathan what does this season mean to you, considering the previous four?
JOHNATHAN FRANKLIN:テつ Like I said earlier just to be part of the family.テつ This team has became so close and grown so much and overcome so much and it's an honor to be part of this family.

Q.テつ Coach, Simon didn't start the game or he was out was that his knee bothering him?
COACH MORA:テつ Yeah, he's going to have a surgical procedure here within the next week to try to get that fixed.

Q.テつ Jim, statistically they did not have a defense over the course of the year but they looked good tonight, what impressed you about them?
COACH MORA:テつ They played well up front.テつ When we're at our best is when we can run the football.テつ Weapon couldn't find any room to run the football tonight.テつ You know, certainly not having two of our starters is a factor but also a factor is the way they played.テつ They played physical and aggressive and well.テつ I would never take anything away from them, they played outstanding up front.

Q.テつ Jim, do you have an update on Jake and Dorian?
COACH MORA:テつ Looks like they both suffered high ankle sprains, Torrey was on crutches, that's a three or four‑week injury so they will be good to go when we start our winter program.
I wanted to thank the Holiday Bowl committee.テつ This was an outstanding week for our football team.テつ They were a tremendous host as was the city of San Diego.テつ We didn't win tonight but it doesn't lessen the experience we had here in San Diego this is a first‑class bowl and first‑class city and we appreciate what they did for us.テつ Thanks very much.

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