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December 16, 2012

Josh Nelson

Larry Nelson


DAVE SENKO:テつ Larry and Josh, thanks for joining us.テつ I know it's got to be a little disappointing to put together I think it was seven straight birdies and then to have that last putt bounce back out.
LARRY NELSON:テつ I think what was so good about it is that we knew we had to do that or felt like we had to do it.
Josh hit some great shots.テつ I hit some great putts going down the stretch.テつ But he took a lot weight off me today.テつ He made a lot of the putts inside of 10 feet, and those are the ones that were draining after a while.
So he putted really well.テつ He kept us in it all day.
JOSH NELSON:テつ You know, we didn't birdie enough of them on the front, and so we just kind of looked at each other and thought if we could get eight of nine on the back we would have a chance.
That was a pretty tall order.テつ Then we parred 10 and said, Well, birdie eight in a row, and we did it until the last.
You know, we were blessed to have to play until the last hole.テつ That's all I can say.テつ We had fun.
DAVE SENKO:テつ How long was that putt, Larry?
LARRY NELSON:テつ 12 feet, 15 feet, maybe.
JOSH NELSON:テつ Well, 15.
LARRY NELSON:テつ Can't wait to get home and see that on replay though and see exactly what happened.テつ A little gnome or something jumped up there.

Q.テつ What was my question.テつ It was a perfect putt.テつ When you watched it...
LARRY NELSON:テつ I would hit that putt‑‑ I mean, we all standing back there, Drew said it was in, my other son that caddies for me.テつ I mean, it went in the left center of the hole.テつ It was not like it was just on the edge.
JOSH NELSON:テつ We misread mine.テつ We thought it would go left and...
LARRY NELSON:テつ Josh's actually went right.
JOSH NELSON:テつ So we played mine outside right and we went right, and thought left center was perfect.テつ Stayed left center the whole way, and then somehow it...
LARRY NELSON:テつ I mean, I couldn't do it.テつ I closed my eyes when it went this way, and when I looked up it was over here on the right side of the hole.

Q.テつ Is that the cruellest lip it in your career?
LARRY NELSON:テつ At this stage in my career, yes, probably.テつ To have a chance to win or at least have a chance to whatever, all you can ask for is to hit a good putt.テつ When three guys are saying it's perfect and it lips out, yeah, I would say that's one of the hardest ones.テつ Most severe.

Q.テつ Different question:テつ Why do you guys play this so well?テつ I think you've won with both of your sons.
LARRY NELSON:テつ I have.テつ We enjoy playing together.テつ We play a lot together at home.テつ Kind of a little competition or whatever.テつ So just so glad to turn around and play with each other where we're kind of helping each other.テつ It's just so much fun I think for all of us.
Other than it just seems to bring the best out of both of us when we come down here, that's the only thing I can think of.

Q.テつ What are the competitions like at home?テつ Pretty good?
LARRY NELSON:テつ Well, it's always kind of one‑sided.テつ I put up the money and they can either win it and not lose it.テつ I end up you losing now most of the.テつ I'm going to stop doing that.テつ We've got to figure out a different way.テつ It's costing me more money than it used to.
I'll out up the money is and say, Okay, we'll play a back nine and eighteen, you know, total score.テつ So it's fun.テつ I mean it's fun for us.テつ I think it just kind of keeps us ‑‑ I play about maybe four times a year when I'm not in competition, and it's always pretty much with them.
JOSH NELSON:テつ Here he's rooting for my drive to be 40 yards long.

Q.テつ Talk about what you admire most about your dad's game.
JOSH NELSON:テつ About his game?
LARRY NELSON:テつ Today not much.
JOSH NELSON:テつ He's fearless.テつ He loves the pressure.テつ My brother and I were talking about it as we were walking from 17 to 18 green.テつ Everyone else seems to not make quite as good of strokes coming down the stretch as they do early on; seems like his are always better.
Yeah, and so I think that mentality comes on us.テつ Even though we're not as good of players top to bottom in our game, we still of the same killer instincts that he does.テつ So we're out there thinking, get 'em, get 'em, get 'em.テつ Birdie four in a row, let's birdie five in a row.テつ You birdie five in a row, let's get six, you know.
So we learned from him that same mentality.テつ We're just not that good.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
LARRY NELSON:テつ Yeah, well we parred 18 two days in a row which really kind of cost us this tournament.
JOSH NELSON:テつ Both days I hit it ‑‑ Today I hit it in the bunker, and yesterday I hit it on the upper slope just over the bunkers.テつ We to have my drive to get there in two.テつ It's a hard shot for me.テつ I like to fade the ball.テつ Just very tough to aim it down the edge of the waterline.
LARRY NELSON:テつ He's not inferring I'm short.

Q.テつ Larry, kind of a bittersweet week.テつ How do you look back after everything that happened this week?
LARRY NELSON:テつ It was a tough week, especially kind of early in the week with all the stuff about the Ryder Cup captaincy stuff.テつ We knew it was going to be a good week either way with having all the family down and going out and enjoying‑‑ we enjoyed the park for a couple days, Saturday, Sunday, and then it's back to this.テつ We enjoy playing.テつ All four of us went and played Monday, Tuesday.テつ We took some time off.
So it's just a fun week.テつ To me it was a very positive week.テつ Whatever happens years down the road, it's fun to come down with family and it's fun to come down and play with Josh and watch him hit some of the shots he hit the last two days.
It was a very rewarding week for me.

Q.テつ How long was the putt on 17 that gave you the chance?
JOSH NELSON:テつ I would say 30 feet.
LARRY NELSON:テつ 30 feet.テつ But in that regard there on 17, I thought I missed it low.テつ That putt just hung in there and just fell, thump, sideways.テつ So we figure whoever knocked it in on 17 kept it out on 18.
JOSH NELSON:テつ Yeah, we thought an angel blew it in on 17; we think a little devil kept it out on 18.

Q. テつThe putt on 17?
LARRY NELSON:テつ I made a good putt on 16, 17, and actually hit a good putt on 18, too.

Q.テつ How far on 16?
LARRY NELSON:テつ 16, about 15 feet.テつ But Josh hit a lot of good putts.テつ These greens are so good that Josh would hit a good putt and we would know exactly what the ball was going to do.
JOSH NELSON:テつ It can fool you, but once you know they're going to do it twice.
LARRY NELSON:テつ And I was fortunate enough to start online a lot.テつ So watching his putt and turning around and hitting my putt.
So knowing his capabilities and what he's able to do and him being honest and saying, Oh, I hit a good putt there.テつ Because if somebody pushes it you kind of get a misread.
So it helps.テつ I think that's another reason why we have played well here in the past.

Q.テつ Obviously you still had to play 18, but with the good putt on 16 and 17 did you think this was maybe your day?
LARRY NELSON:テつ Well, no, we knew that we had ‑‑ we felt like if we could birdie the last three holes, well two of the last three at that point, that we would make the Loves have to birdie the last hole.
Because 15, 16, 17 were not playing easy, so we felt like if we could birdie a few of those‑‑ we would love to have them have to make birdie on the last hole.
Had we made birdie they would have had to make birdie to tie.
JOSH NELSON:テつ We were talking and we said, Let's make them have to birdie one more than 18 to beat us.テつ So we said if we birdie inthey'll have to birdie one ‑‑ means they would have to get one on 15, 16, 17, and we knew all three of those, something good has to happen there.
LARRY NELSON:テつ Thank you guys for being down here.テつ It's fun for us, and we'll see you next year hopefully.

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