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December 15, 2012

Dru Love

Davis Love III


DAVE SENKO:  Davis and Dru, great start.  Just get us started.  Talk about your day, Davis, and then we'll let your son make some comments and get some questions.
DAVIS LOVE, III:¬† Yeah, we got off to a good start.¬† Dru hit it pretty close on‑‑ did we use your shoton ‑‑ well, he made a nice putt on the first hole and hit it close on the second hole.¬† We had an easy birdie there and got off to a good start birdieing the first three holes.
I think that was key, because you know everybody is gonna shoot low.  It was a nice, calm day; the greens are soft and rolling good.  So we had to get off to a good start.
We kept it up except for one patch:  10, 11, 12 we made three pars in a row and that kind of stalled us.  Other than that, we played really well.
DAVE SENKO:  Dru, some thoughts on how your day went.
DRU LOVE:  I think the day went well.  We got off to a hot start.  Think it could have been better.  We had a lot of wedges in our hands and missed the greens, like 16.  We had 120 in and we both missed the green.
10 we hit it in there close and missed it.
11, you know, could have been a lot better.
It's hard to ask more of 12‑under, but definitely could have been better.

Q.  Do you start out with any number in mind when you begin the day?
DAVIS LOVE, III:  Well, I told him starting off that we had to be patient because there was going to be a lot of birdies out there and you didn't know when they were going to come, but I felt like we had to birdie every hole.
The thing that got me was you par a short par‑4 and you knew there was a long par‑3 coming up next that was going to be hard to birdie.¬† You didn't really want to make two pars in a row.¬† Then when we made three in a row, that was very frustrating.
Yeah, everybody kept saying, You guys are the favorites.  Well, there are a lot of great teams this time.  I think this is completely different than when we played in it the three other times.  There's a lot of teams can shoot a low score any day and the course is just sitting there for you.
So I think you got to try to birdie every hole.  That's real the goal.  At the same time, you got to be patient, because you could go birdie, birdie, eagle and make up for making two pars in a row.

Q.  Do you remember the other birdies on the front?
DAVIS LOVE, III:  We parred 4 and 8.  No, 7.  4 and 7 we parred, and then 10, 11, 12, and then 16.

Q.  Both of you guys hit it pretty far.  Whose shots got used off the tee?
DAVIS LOVE, III:¬† A lot of my tee shots and most of his second shots and most of his putts.¬† Yeah, he made a great putt at 17.¬† That was really big to birdie that hole.¬† That's probably the longest, hardest par‑3.
I would say we used more of his second shots and he putted real well.  Like I said, he made the first two.  We mostly let him putt first because he usually makes them.  If we were inside of 10 feet, we felt like he was going to make it so we let him putt first.  I pulled a couple.
Like I said, we could have been better, but he made a couple nice putts that kept it going.  We birdied 9, which is a tough hole.  We birdied some of the hard holes and let a couple easy ones get away.
I would say I drove it pretty well and he hit his irons really well.  It's a good combination.

Q.  Because there are so many good teams out here and you feel like you have to birdie every hole, do you pay any attention to who else has a hot thing going?
DAVIS LOVE, III:  I was trying not to look at the leaderboard, but you want to see what everybody is doing, who you're going to play with tomorrow and who is playing well.
I know Bernhard, they got off to a good start, a really quick start.  They were birdieing every hole.  Then I guess the O'Mearas finished strong and the Funks finished strong.
But pretty much the teams that we predicted would do well are doing well.
You figure we made 12 birdies and we're only one ahead.  So you got to make a bunch of birdies out there tomorrow.

Q.  (Regarding Tom Watson and  Ryder Cup points tournaments.)
DAVIS LOVE, III:  Well, if I keep doing well in team events, he'll keep his eye on me.
DAVE SENKO:  Thank you, guys.

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