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December 8, 2012

Dewi-Claire Schreefel


Q.  Great round today, second place, how do you feel?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  It's very nice.  I'm very excited.  I played very well the whole tournament.  It's been a consistent season and I felt if I just played my game, I can finish well out here, so I'm very happy.

Q.  And what was it like playing with Shanshan, she's quite far ahead, do you feel you were trying to keep pace a lot at the time or were you just focused on your own game?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Focusing on my own game.  She was so far ahead that something had to happen to her game and I would have to go pretty low to make something happen.  So it was actually nice because I could just concentrate on my own game and I thought I'm going to try and catch her, that's going to keep me going, not watch what's going to happen behind me.
So it was good for me and she played great.

Q.  Do you effectively feel second place is almost like a victory?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Almost.  She ran away already the first two rounds.  No, it's not a win for sure, but a nice, very good, solid play, and second place.

Q.  And a word about the conditions today, a little windy, back nine?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Yeah, it was a little windy.  That's the thing with this course, the wind tends to turn around a little bit for the four days so you have to pay attention to it and it keeps it a bit interesting, otherwise it would have been a real birdie‑fest.

Q.  Next year, what are your goals?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  On Tuesday I'm going to meet with my coach and everything is going to be analyzed and say what are the goals going to be for next year, what are we going to focus on in the winter to improve.  So, we'll see.

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