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December 8, 2012

Carlota Ciganda


CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I played good today, 4‑under to finish so I'm happy with my rounds and I hit a lot of fairways, lots of greens and I even hit it very close to the holes.テつ I made birdie on 2, 7, 8 and 18 to finish.テつ I think it's a good round without bogeys and I'm happy with the way I played.

Q.テつ Can you describe what happened on 18?テつ You got a drop?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, because I was between two white lines, I think is where the people cross.テつ So I could drop it was lucky to drop it on the fairways.テつ And from there, I had 200 yards to the pin.テつ So I hit a hybrid and it was on the green and two putts for a birdie.

Q.テつ And an assessment of your tournament overall, how do you think‑‑ getting used to the course, how do you think you've played over the four days?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I think shooting under par, it's always good.テつ Yesterday I wasn't comfortable and I didn't make a lot of putts, a few mistakes and lots of bogeys.
So I think two rounds of 4‑under, it's really good and then yesterday was the bad day.テつ But I'm happy with my year, with my tournament, and I'm just going to take some time off now and just enjoy with my family and friends.

Q.テつ Were you aware of what Caroline was doing?テつ She was making a move?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I saw that she was playing good and she's playing great, so we'll see what is going to happen.テつ I mean, if she plays better, she deserves to win.テつ Whatever it is, it's good.

Q.テつ Had you worked out what you needed to do to get the Order of Merit?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I just prefer to play and then at the end, we'll see what happens because if I think too much about that, I can't play golf.テつ So just prefer to play and I think she needs to finish, I don't know, two or three.テつ We'll see.

Q.テつ What would you say are the highlights of your year?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I played very steady, a lot of Top 10s and playing good golf.テつ So good feelings for next year and winning two tournaments, that was great, as well.
And then I didn't have any expectations because I didn't know I was going to be playing on Tour.テつ It was my first year.テつ So I'm happy with my year, and we will see.テつ I will try to play better next year.テつ For me the most important to, keep having fun and enjoying the game.

Q.テつ If you do win, perfect way to finish the year?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ It would be unbelievable.

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