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December 7, 2012

Dewi-Claire Schreefel


Q.  How good was that round of golf in terms of your career?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  My best round.  It was really solid.  Tee‑to‑green, really good, and of course, made lots of putts.  So I mean, from what I can remember, one of my best rounds.

Q.  Did it feel like that was going to happen when you were standing on the first tee compared to what's gone on the last two days?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Yeah, a little bit.  I played well the last two days.  I played well during the practise round.  So I'm feeling confident and I just had too many mistakes the other two rounds that kept me towards par.  So I thought if I just keep the mistakes off the card, it should go low and I guess it went really low.

Q.  Was there a particular element of your game in terms of technical elements that went right today? 
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  No, I mean it was just solid.  The other two rounds, I missed a couple up‑and‑downs.  If you hit 16 greens, it's going to be way easier.  I hit a few more greens, made the up‑and‑downs that I needed to and made way more putts.  I only had 26 putts.

Q.  You're within touching distance of the leader; do you feel that you can produce that kind of golf again tomorrow?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Well, you know, rounds like this, it's going to come along every once in awhile, but I feel I'm comfortable with my game, so I feel like another good round under par is definitely possible.

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