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December 7, 2012

Gwladys Nocera


Q.テつ How would you rate that round today?テつ Were you pleased with what you produced?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, I played pretty good.テつ I didn't miss many greens so when I missed, I was just around the green.テつ A little bit disappointed on the few putts that I left short but overall it's another 4‑under and I can't complain.テつ I finished with a good birdie on 18, so it's good.テつ I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ It took a little while for the birdie to come on the back nine, didn't it.テつ Did you have to be patient?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, very patient.テつ I think I started to be a little bit tired, maybe hungry, I don't know.テつ I was not close enough to the pin, and as soon as I had the right behind, I didn't have the speed so I stayed patient and I thought we had a few holes with some wedges to hit the greens, so I just stayed patient.

Q.テつ And take us through the 18th, a fabulous approach there.
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, I like that shot.テつ It's a good‑looking one, and it's tough with the sand, it's a strain on the eyes.テつ I left all the putts short so I thought should I just knock it close so it would be easier.

Q.テつ How are you feeling tomorrow?テつ Important to finish on a strong note today?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, of course, it's giving me good confidence for tomorrow.テつ Tomorrow is another day.テつ I don't know about the wind.テつ Sometimes it picks up and it's hard to find the right club.テつ I don't know, we'll see, it's another round, it's four tough rounds here.テつ So we will see tomorrow.

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