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December 7, 2012

Davis Love III

Brandt Snedeker


MARK STEVENS:¬† Davis Love, III and Brandt Snedeker, you guys it to 10‑under today.
Davis, you want to start off talking about that?¬† That's tied for the third‑best round ever this in this format at this tournament.
DAVIS LOVE, III:  Yeah, we certainly wanted to get off to a good start.  Greg made a good point at the dinner last night:  this is the toughest format, and if you got behind in this format that it made it a tough weekend.  So it was nice to get off to a good start.
We both played well and both made a few putts, but we both drove it well.  I think that was they key.  We were picking which drive on every hole we wanted to use rather than one guy being out of the hole and struggling.
It was just whichever angle and which ball had the least mud on it and which yardage we wanted, because we were in the fairway pretty much every time.  We both hit the ball real solid.
We didn't stiff it a whole bunch, but hit enough where we had a birdie opportunity on about every hole.
BRANDT SNEDEKER:¬† Yeah, it was great.¬† We got off to a really good start today.¬† Davis made a good six‑, eight‑foot putt on the 1st hole to get us some momentum going, and then he made a bomb on the 3rd hole I think, 2nd or 3rd hole, to get us really‑‑ momentum really jump started, I thought, you know.
From there, like he said, we both drove the ball really well so we had a lot of opportunities to pick the right number and make sure we wanted the right guy putting on the greens.  Seemed like we read them really well today, which I didn't do the last two days.  Seems like very putt we read we read correctly and we hit them all on the lines.
As good as it was, it probably could have been a couple better.  We'll take where we are, and looking toward forward to making a lot more over the weekend.

Q.  How much have you guys played together before this?  What was it like playing together as teammates?
DAVIS LOVE, III:  We played a little bit together.  Mostly practice rounds.
DAVIS LOVE, III:  I know when he says it's right edge I probably should play it right edge.  When it's his turn to putt I just stay out of the way and it works out pretty good.
You know, we talked about it a little bit on the range this morning who wanted o hit first.  He was comfortable hitting first.  You know, we both play quickly.  We both like to move along and don't like to put a whole lot of thought into it.
I thought we matched up really well.  It was a little slower than we wanted out there, but we had fun catching up.  We really haven't seen each other that much since the Ryder Cup, so it's been fun to catch up.
Then Vijay and Duff, you wouldn't think they're talkative and fun, but they're actually fun to play with.  So it was a really good pairing and it worked out well.
BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Yeah, just a lot fun.  I don't know what else to say.  Davis played great; we had a great time; format fit us well, I thought.  I felt like we had a good game plan going into what we wanted to do so, and we never had to take a shot out of the fairway bunkers or the rough or anything.  We were always in play and always on the green, so it made life really easy.
DAVIS LOVE, III:  Yeah, that's obviously why we picked Brandt, because he can fit in with anybody.  Everybody enjoys being around him.  We weren't concerned when we picked him for the Ryder Cup team that we wouldn't be able to match him with somebody.
We asked everybody who they wanted to play with, and obviously the way he was playing everybody wanted to play with Brandt.
So you got a guy that's playing great that everybody wants to play with that will match up with anybody.  The easiest thing we had was we didn't have to have a golf ball discussion because we play the exact same golf ball.
It was just a matter of making sure we knew which one was marked.  He had a gold marker on his and I had a black on mine, so it was a pretty easy day for that.
That's why I was so excited to play with him, because I knew it would be fun and comfortable.  Wouldn't be a whole lot of stress.
Obviously he's one of the best putters on the TOUR.  He's reading the greens great all the time, so it's nice for me to learn something from him on the green reading.

Q.  You're going to playing with Kenny and Sean tomorrow.  Talk about that.  Not to bring age into it, but you do have an older and a younger guy.
DAVIS LOVE, III:  That's part of it.  I won this tournament one time with Kite.  I was the young guy and he was the older guy.  You know, that's what makes it fun.  I looked up to Tom Kite so much.  Coming out on TOUR he meant so much to me.
Just to get to play with him‑‑ obviously he'll tell you I carried him, but he played great, you know.¬† He made it easy on me to play well and to win the tournament.¬† It was fun to get to play with him or get to play with Freddy.
You know, and now I get to look at it from Tom's side.  I get to play with the young, hot player, you know, and it's fun.
But I've known Brandt for a long, long time, you know, since he came out on TOUR.  Probably before he came out on TOUR.
DAVIS LOVE, III:  So it's fun for both of us to get to play.  We're not here for sentimental reasons.  We're here to win.  I wanted to play with Brandt because I wanted to win.
We both look at it that way.  We felt like we could pair up well.  Part of playing well together isn't golf games, you know.  It's we knew we would get along and have fun.  We have a lot in common, a lot to talk about.  It makes it a fun pairing.
BRANDT SNEDEKER:¬† Yeah, for some reason this format today seemed it played to both of our strengths.¬† Played to the way Davis hits the ball and drives the ball.¬† He'd get me up around the greens and then I would either chip it close if we were on a par‑5 or I would make the 20‑footer.
It just seemed like this format of all formats randomly fit both of our strengths really, really well.¬† For the first time in my career I got to feel like what it's like to be Davis Love, to hit from some of his tee shots and hit from some of his beautiful iron shots on these par‑3s and realize how the game is supposed to be played.¬† Then I got to try to go recreate that tomorrow.
DAVIS LOVE, III:¬† I had a few bad 4‑irons and stuff, but, yeah, we hit the ball well off the tee and then we putted well.¬† I think that was the key.¬† We keep that up, we'll be in good shape.
MARK STEVENS:  All right.  Thanks a lot, guys.  Good luck tomorrow.

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