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December 6, 2012

Lexi Thompson


Q.  First of all, how are the conditions out there today?  It feels a little breezier, was it tougher?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, it was definitely a little bit more windy, probably the most wind I've played in Dubai.  But it was good conditions overall.  Just a little windier.

Q.  And the game itself, how did that compare to yesterday?  Were there improvements out there for you?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Well, I hit it a lot better I would think.  Still didn't make as many putts as I wanted to, but I putted a lot better on my second nine.  So gave me a lot more confidence going into tomorrow.

Q.  How does the wind affect things?  How does it make it tougher as a golfer, on this course particularly?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, probably just different lines off tees and you have to think about it a bit more.  Just like No.9 and 18, you have definitely have to think about your lines a lot more.

Q.  There's a few players around you kind of starting to make some moves now, how aware of that are you on the course?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Well, I saw the leaderboard but that's about it.  I don't really like to pay attention to it.  I just play my own game and just try to make birdies out there.

Q.  And how do you feel generally about where you are at the halfway point?
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† I feel good, 3‑under, 4‑under, so I'm getting better.¬† So hopefully shoot maybe 5‑ or 6‑under on the weekend, so I think that will put me in good position.

Q.  And you still feel you're close enough to those guys out in front?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I do.  I think I'll definitely close enough.  You can make a lot of birdies out here so hopefully I saved them for the weekend.

Q.  What was the difference today?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Putting is all about confidence in the end and I missed a lot of putts in my first nine and just started focusing on my tempo of the stroke.  So it all comes down to that and just confidence and commit to your line.

Q.  And going into the weekend, do you still feel as if you're in a pretty good position?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I do.  I think I'm six back right now, but you know, weekend you can make a big move so hopefully I'll do that.

Q.  When do you start thinking about who is ahead of you?  Do you put that out of your mind tomorrow, or does it depend where you are at Friday night?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I probably won't think about it too much tomorrow.  We'll see after tomorrow.  You just have to focus on your own game and that's really all you can do, you can't focus on anybody else, you just have to focus on one shot at a time.

Q.  Shanshan is playing pretty well; how much of an obstacle is that?  What does she represent?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Well, she's a great player.  I play a lot with her back in the States, so she's very consistent.  And I don't know if she's played here before, but amazing player, very consistent, very good ball striker and putter.

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