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December 5, 2012

Shanshan Feng


Q.テつ Could you give us a summary of your round, how did you play first of all?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ I think it's my first time for this tournament, and it's my sponsor's tournament, so I came with pressure, actually.テつ Before the round, I told myself on the driving range, I said, I have to be patient, whether I'm playing well or not.テつ And I was patient because I was only 1‑under through seven holes.テつ I missed a lot of chances.テつ But I had quite a come back, so finished with 6‑under and really happy about that.

Q.テつ What changed during the round if you didn't start so well?テつ What made the difference on the back nine?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ I would say my iron shots weren't as accurate on the front.テつ But I started to do well since the eighth hole.テつ I made like a 15‑foot putt and starting from there, I was doing really well.

Q.テつ When you arrived as the highest‑ranked player in the tournament, do you expect to win?テつ Is that the goal when you start out on day one?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Like I said, I came with pressure, so I was just‑‑ my goal was just Top‑5.テつ I wasn't thinking about, you know, too much like about winning or not.テつ But you know, I'm going to try my best on every shot.

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