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May 30, 2004

Nick Faldo


NICK FALDO: I changed my plan. I didn't start as well as I wanted to, and then I had a look and said, well, I need to get my skates on somehow. I was really pleased with the back nine. Problem is, I left it short. And I had a chance on 4, 5, I had a chance on 6. I had a chance on 7. I birdied 8. 9 I missed; 10 I missed it was really great.

That's a first for a long time. I always keep my stats on how many chances I give myself. Normally it's been half a dozen most of the time this year, and that was probably a dozen. So that was a good that was a good run.

Q. What about the glasses?

NICK FALDO: We took the contacts out and my optometrist was worried that I'm going to be flying I can't get them out, you see. I'm still struggling, can't get them in, can't get them out. We tried last night. My eyes are so small I feel I have bruises from trying so hard. I knew I had these glasses with me from Germany, and they are fantastic. I can see the grain on the greens. The detail is great. They were a little they are not quite right, but they are very good. The detail is brilliant. I've been missing that. No wonder I haven't holed anything.

That's encouraging, to know if I get the eyes sorted out and you know, as I said, I've got a game plan for maybe the next month or so to work on my game and really get myself ready for Troon. That's probably my No. 1 goal. If I can make it through the qualifying, then that will be great. But, Troon is great, it's a great goal to have.

Q. What about the U.S. Open?

NICK FALDO: Well, I've got to qualify. I may. I don't know how many spots they have got. I might have shot myself in the foot. I'm not very good at qualifying, but I don't know how many spots they have.

Q. Are you interested in trying for the U.S. Open?

NICK FALDO: I am. I've got my name down. But there might be only a couple of spots.

Q. Qualifying's over , isn't it?

NICK FALDO: Exactly, I don't know. We shall see.

Q. Do they announce special invites before the qualifying or after the qualifying?

NICK FALDO: Yeah, I don't know. Give them a call.

Q. Inaudible?

NICK FALDO: I walked down to the other side of the hole and I thought, oh, left to right, no problem. Walked up, it started, went right to left and left to right and I just hit it spot on, six feet to go, I'm waiting for it to break and it never did.

Q. 16, was that your goal

NICK FALDO: I was never close. 15 was a good chance.

Q. 16

NICK FALDO: Well, if I had holed it if I had finished 3, 3.

Q. You're not worried about Ryder Cup just yet?

NICK FALDO: Not with the British Open coming up. My goal is to go and have a great British Open, and then what would happen.

Q. When was the last time you've played as well as this?

NICK FALDO: It's been a while. Well, it hasn't been that bad. Last year's British Open was great. I was 9 under for, whatever it was, 13 holes or something, wasn't I, after round three for about 30 odd holes, 30 plus holes, I was at 9 under. That was great. It was nice to feel like I really honed in on the stick for a change. That was great.

Q. What is it about this place that seems to be inspiring?

NICK FALDO: I know it. Somebody said this is my 100th competitive round or something.

It's always good here. It's a good atmosphere here. I need the atmosphere to get the most out of me.

Tee to green, I improved a lot in one week. Putting is still hard work, if I could work that out and then get some confidence with the putting. It's tough to be patient in this game, it really is. But I guess coming here, yeah, turn things around. Set some new goals and that's good. That's great.

Q. When do you fly to America?

NICK FALDO: I'm actually going tomorrow morning.

End of FastScripts.

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