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December 3, 2012

Hee Kyung Seo


BETHAN CUTLER:  Making her tournament debut here in Dubai.  We'll start by asking how does it feel to be playing in Dubai for the first time?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  This is where I wanted to be, so I'm excited to be in Dubai.  This is my first time.  A arrived this morning, 5:00, and I could not see the downtown very well because it was still dark when I drive through the highway.  But I think it's beautiful city and it's amazing that me made it in the desert.  So I'm very excited.

Q.  What are you hoping to take away from this week?  What's your plan?  Any targets?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  Every time there's always the winning the tournament.  I really want to enjoy this week in Dubai and maybe if I have a chance, I want to get a camel ride (laughing).  But I want to enjoy this course and this moment and this week.

Q.  Your nickname, Supermodel on the Fairway, do you like that nickname, and how do you like to live up to it?  What kind of things do you like to do?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  Yeah, I love that nickname but sometimes I get some pressure out of that nickname because I have to think about what to wear and makeup, everything.  Also, there are so many pretty girls out there, so sometimes it gives me pressure, but I love it.

Q.¬† What will you do way from the golf course‑‑ Dubai is good for shopping, so what do you have planned around the golf?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  I heard that there are maybe two or three big shopping centers in Dubai, and there is also ski slope in there.  So if I have a chance, I want to go there and look around and there's some good things to buy and I want to go for shopping and maybe I can get some good dresses or purse.  Yeah, I'm very looking forward to be at the shopping center.

Q.  How do you look back at 2012?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  I think I didn't win the last two years, but 2012 was better than 2011.  It more consistent and I really enjoyed the game.
Every player has ups and downs and I also had ups and downs this year, but I really enjoyed the tournament week and I think my golf game improved a lot compared to the last two or three years, because I made a lot of up and downs, and even my condition is not very well, I try to just enjoy and if I continue to enjoy the game, I think some day I can win the majors and can win much more than when I won in Korea, the KLPGA.  I think it was a good year.

Q.  Have you learned a lot this year?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† Last year and this year, it was a little difficult to travel in the U.S. because in Korea, you don't travel a lot and you go back to your house and take a rest on Monday and Tuesday and go to the tournament site on Wednesday or Thursday.¬† But in the U.S., I have to play four‑day tournaments, and it was a little hard for me to move hotels to the other hotel and traveling on flights, but I get used to it a little bit, so I'm looking forward for 2013 and I know I can do better this year.

Q.  What improvements do you think you've made in your game?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† I concentrate on my shot and I didn't think about short game or other game, but I only, you know, tried to make a straight shot and I try to get close to the pin.¬† But this year, even I didn't make the green, I could still make the birdies and the chipping. ¬†The big thing is a bunker shot.¬† When I get into the bunker, I was really afraid to get from the bunker, but now I'm really confident when I get into the bunker I can make a birdie, or I can just make a tap‑in bar.¬† So the bunker is a big improvement for me.

Q.¬† You're one of the few players who has already said that you want to start a family and you said that your idol is Juli Inkster, and you said that as a professional‑‑ how do you look at your future as a professional player and what do you have in mind in the next few years for yourself?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† Now for me, the big one, the big goal is golf, but before as a pro golfer‑‑ I don't know, since I was young, I was raised up in very happy family, so I dreamed about it that when I grow up, I want to make my family.¬† So I'm still young, so not rushing to get married or something to get a family.¬† But if someone who can support me playing golf and if someone who can help me for playing golf a long time, then I will get married.

Q.  And where do you think you stand in terms of the competition this week?  How do you rate yourself against the opposition?  How much do you know about the other players, and do you think a win is just a matter of time?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† I've only played nine holes today and maybe I have one more chance to look around the course tomorrow on the Pro‑Am.
So it's not easy when you are not‑‑ when you don't know about the golf course very well but my caddie arrives two days ago and he checked the course very well, so I believe him.
I know there are very many great players this week from The European Tour or the LPGA Tour, so it will be fun to compete.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† Yes, I know my weakness‑‑ if I continue to work out on the road when the season started, I think I can win very soon.

Q.  You mentioned you played nine holes, what are your impression of the course?  Does it suit your game and what do you think of the course in general?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† The length is longer than I expected because I thought it's going to be a little warmer, but the fairways soft and the green is soft.¬† So it's not going to be hard‑‑ because the green is soft.¬† I think the greens, it's very strong on the greens, so have read the break very well as well as grain.¬† If I make the shots very well, I think it's not very difficult.

Q.  Is this the last event you're playing this year?

Q.¬† So how long is your off‑season?¬† What do you do in the time between the start of next year and before you start looking forward to next year?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  I will spend the time in Korea, maybe three weeks with my family and friends, and then going back to Orlando for winter training.  Maybe last of December, January, and then back to hard work.

Q.  Why are the Asians so good at golf?
HEE-KYUNG SEO:¬† Good players are working hard but since we are young we get used to compete with hard pressure and difficult situations.¬† So I think that helps a lot because I feel that the western players really enjoying the golf when they are young, 13, 14, so they are trying to ‑‑ searching for their future.¬† They are not hundred percent when they are young.
But in Korea, we put everything when we are young, like 10 or 11 years, so that's why I think.

Q.¬† The pressure from parents, is that good or bad‑‑
HEE-KYUNG SEO:  I didn't mean pressure from parents.  I meant that in a pressure situation at tournaments.
BETHAN CUTLER:  Thanks for joining us.

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