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April 20, 2000

Doug Dunakey


TODD BUDNICK: We have Doug Dunakey, who shot a 67. He is one shot off the lead, with the best round at the Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic. You started on the front with a birdie on No. 3. Let's go ahead through that.

DOUG DUNAKEY: I kind of popped up a 3-wood off the tee and had a 4-iron into the green, and hit a good 4-iron in there about three feet and made the putt. I kind of got my round back started again. I kind of screwed up No. 2. I thought I was going to make birdie there and didn't. And after the third hole, was just treading water there for a while. I think until maybe the 13th hole, I made a birdie. And I think probably the key to my round was on the 15th hole, I didn't drive. I thought it was over the houses there on the rye, and they found it; and I pitched out and then had to layup again, and then hit a wedge on there about 15 feet, and made it for par. And that was kind of like the round saver. And then from there I hit good shots. I think I had probably maybe two feet on 16 and about ten feet on 17 and about eight feet on 18. So really the 15th, the par on 15 kind of got me going for the last three holes.

Q. You had no bogeys today?

DOUG DUNAKEY: No bogeys.

Q. You stayed out of the rough pretty good?

DOUG DUNAKEY: Except for -- I don't want to say I hit it very straight, but probably -- I was -- probably around three times I had to hit good shots, and just the way the rough is, you've got to be a little bit lucky. And every time I was in there, I had at least a shot I could get it to the green. And fortunately enough, I got it on the green every time.

Q. Did it calm down there, towards the end?

DOUG DUNAKEY: No. Today was a weird day. It was like you'd play one hole and the wind wouldn't be blowing at all, and the next hole it would be -- seemed like it was blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour. And it did that on and off the whole day. It was just a funny day. I don't know if it's because you get tangled back in those trees and the coves and whatever, and it was blowing still or not. But it made club selection kind of tough all day.

Q. What were your clubs on 16, 17, and 18?

DOUG DUNAKEY: 8-iron on 16. And then a 6-iron on 17, and an 8-iron on 18.

Q. You seem to be one of the only guys in the late afternoon that got anywhere close to the lead. Any particular reason for that?

DOUG DUNAKEY: Probably not. Coming into this tournament, I hadn't been playing particularly well. Really haven't played -- I don't think I've played on Tour in the last six weeks. I was just glad to be here. I played a couple of BUY.COMs in those six weeks off the Tour. And I guess I made both those cuts, so I guess I was working on an upward trend from where I was. It was kind of unexpected. But I tried to just -- after having six weeks off the Tour, I kind of took for granted what I had. I just kind of went out, and I was patient, and things went my way today.

Q. 16, 17, and 18, the top eight guys on the board right now produced only four birdies between them. You had three of them. Did you sense while you were playing them, did you have the feeling that you were accomplishing something pretty rare out there, they were especially difficult or not?

DOUG DUNAKEY: Like I said, after the putt on 15, it kind of just calmed me down. And I knew if I kept my round going -- I felt at ease the last three holes. Normally I'm nervous, whether I'm in last place or first place. It just happened that the swing felt good and I hit some good shots.

Q. Were you thinking, through 12 holes at 1-under that you needed to get something going to get in the hunt, or were you just --?

DOUG DUNAKEY: If you guys would only see inside my head. At 1-under, if you told me after 12 holes that I was going to finish at 1-under, I would be happy. After missing five cuts out here in a row, I was just trying to stay patient and take what the golf course gave me. Like I said, that putt on 15 kind of jolted me in that it got me to a point where I think it made me think a little different, and necessarily the first five weeks I was trying to make a cut out here. And instead of looking at it -- you watch Tiger, and he's disappointed when he's not winning, and I think I need to kind of raise my mental level. I think I have the game too, but sometimes I don't think I know how good I am. And I need to think a little bit better or raise my level, instead of making cuts, of trying to win the golf tournament.

Q. What will we find inside your head if we looked in there?

DOUG DUNAKEY: A lot of negativity, I think. I'm fighting it all day, really. And usually -- or I probably -- thank my caddy -- I think he gets me out of it by talking about other things, getting me -- while we're walking from shot to shot. We're not talking about golf; we're talking about something else. So I don't have time to think about the 3-foot I have up there for birdie and the million ways I can miss it. He gives me a couple of thoughts before I'm going, so I don't have time to think negative thoughts.

Q. What were you talking about, coming up the finish, there?

DOUG DUNAKEY: Oh, anything. Coming up towards the end, he was wondering how much money I could make. He's from Venezuela, and he wants to go back home for a couple of weeks.

Q. Now that you're 5-under instead of 1-under, how are you going to approach tomorrow?

DOUG DUNAKEY: Same way. I think I'm going to go out and be patient and see what the golf course gives me. It depends on what the weather is going to be. I told my caddy when I saw the tee times of late/early, I thought we were getting the best end of the deal, because of the course being as wet as it was when we played a practice round on Tuesday, and we had the nice weather on Wednesday. But I thought we had the advantage there. That's why I'm taking the approach that I have the advantage, and I'm going to try to take advantage of it.

Q. The morning guys today put up some pretty good scores. People started out hot this morning, a lot of birdies early. Were you -- will you try to do that again tomorrow, and do you think you can?

DOUG DUNAKEY: To this golf course, because you have to drive it in the fairway to make birdies, you just have to stay patient. If you drive it in the fairway, you're going to put yourself on the green and have a chance at birdies. If you're in the rough all day, you're going to be struggling; even par is a good round. When I started today, there was a couple of good scores of 6- and 5-under, but it seemed to drop off in the 1-under and even real quick. When I was on 12 and 1-under, I didn't feel that bad, and then had that streak at the end.

Q. What did you hit on 13?

DOUG DUNAKEY: I hit 3-wood off the tee, and just hit 7-iron and a sand wedge on the green.

Q. I didn't hear, how long was the putt on 15 that you made?

DOUG DUNAKEY: I would put it at about 15 feet.

Q. Are you surprised to be in here right now?

DOUG DUNAKEY: I'm going to say no. Like I said, I'm taking a different approach. I think I was kind of wore out from the end of last year on the Tour and kind of had maybe some not-so-good thoughts coming into this year. I think the six weeks off from the Tour, like I said, made me be a little more thankful for where I am. And I'm just going to take one day at a time, and hopefully things will get better each day.

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