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November 26, 2012

Bjoern Werner


Q.  Talk about some of the things that went wrong in rushing defense against Florida and some of the things you're going to have to correct this week to face another team that runs the ball really well but in very different ways than Florida.
BJOERN WERNER:¬† Well, it wasn't a bad game, having a‑‑ didn't have a good rushing defense, but we're going to fix things up this week and prepare well against Georgia Tech and their triple option and hopefully have a good game.

Q.¬† What's the most important thing assignment‑wise on the front when you're facing an offense such as what Georgia Tech runs?
BJOERN WERNER:  I think it's really important.  Everybody in the box has to play their assignment.  They can't get greedy and try to make a play.  Everybody has to just play his assignment, what they're supposed to do, and then we'll be successful.

Q.  Is it just a matter of patience?

Q.  In a lot of cases?
BJOERN WERNER:  Yes.  When technique meets opportunity, you make plays.

Q.  Like I said, on Saturday was it a matter of they seemed to catch you with the right play call and the wrong defense?  Was it missed tackles, a lot of that situation, and is it things you can correct do you think?
BJOERN WERNER:  Yeah, there's always things you can correct, even if you blow somebody out.  There were two good teams playing against each other and somebody won.  You can't change it.  Everybody makes mistakes.  Florida had some mistakes, but at the end we had more mistakes than them and they won the game, so now we just have to move on, like forget about it.

Q.  With Tank Carradine down and out for this game, do you expect that you might draw more attention at your end because there will be a less experienced player on the other side?
BJOERN WERNER:  I don't know.  We at Florida State, we have a lot of good recruiting classes.  If there's more attention on me, I'm confident that the other side defensive end, whoever steps in in his place will make plays and be good, you know?

Q.  He is a significant loss, however, because with the two of you coming from both directions, you apply that terrific pressure to the quarterback.  How much will his loss hurt you?
BJOERN WERNER:¬† I mean, it's big, him as a‑‑ just him being around as a person, that we lose him for the remainder of the season.¬† But the same thing happened with Brandon Jenkins.¬† You have to move on.¬† You can't think about it too much, and just somebody steps up.

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