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November 23, 2012

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN:  It was nice to be the Scot in that pack with the Englishman and the Northern Irishman. 
Yeah, it's great to be in contention with guys like that, and you know, looking down the leaderboard, it's a high‑quality leaderboard and doesn't get any better anywhere in the world really.
It's great for The European Tour and it's great for The Race to Dubai, and it's great to be a part of that.

Q.  You spoke earlier in the week about the confidence that you're feeling and about how well the game is going at the moment, and again on that back nine, maybe after the blemish that you had, it was good to get back into that run of birdies.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, well, I come back straightaway, I got a flyer out of the rough, ended up, what, 60,70 feet away and unfortunately then 2‑putted from there.  But straightaway, I hit a really good drive down the next and hit a wedge to about two or three feet.
There was no kind of‑‑ didn't feel as if I was on the back foot at any time.  It was just nice to make up for that mistake straightaway and then the back nine just continued playing good, solid golf and holed a couple important putts for par.  The wind changed and we played a couple holes straight back into the wind; the longer holes, as well.  It was nice to get pars out of those, and 15, 16 are birdie opportunities.

Q.  Is it almost the case when you're going around not to look at the leaderboard with the names that are up there?
MARC WARREN:  Look at it and kind of enjoy it really.  Just try and force your way to the top of it.  But at the same time, try and stay patient and keep doing what I'm doing and focus on my game.  If I make a bogey or a birdie, it's down to me; it's not because of who else is on the leaderboard.
Really looking forward to it.  It's going to be a great weekend.  The atmosphere is buzzing already so looking forward to see what it's like tomorrow and Sunday as well.

Q.  Do you relish being in this kind of company?
MARC WARREN:  It's been great.  It's probably been a while, last group, even though it is a Friday, last group, world No.2; Luke is a great guy, as well.  Played Walker Cup alongside him and it was great to be in that position and it was good to perform as well as I did.  Little things like that, it does wonders for the confidence.

Q.  When we think back, when you were winning tournaments on The European Tour, we thought you would be in this company week‑in, week‑out.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, probably so did I (laughing).  But you know, if it's going to happen from now on, then I'll be absolutely delighted to take it.

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