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November 21, 2012

Eric Bovaird

DeAndre Haskins


North Carolina – 112
Chaminade – 68

THE MODERATOR:  Coach, some opening comments?
COACH BOVAIRD:  I think everybody in the country knew NorthCarolina was going to come out and play extremely hard today.  We knew that, and we were going to get their best shot.  They're pretty good when they play that hard, and I'm sure Coach Williams is going to have them playing that hard the rest of the season.  It was kind of a wake‑up call for them against Butler.  Unfortunately, we were sitting there waiting after a horrible game.
But anyway, when any team shoots the ball that well, it makes it incredibly hard to guard.  I don't know.  I think they were 8 for 11 or 9 for 13 some times.  I checked the three‑point stats and when you shoot the ball that well, it spreads out the court, and they can dump it into the big guys.  We were kind of hoping they would come out cold and we'd be back in the zone and make it a possession‑by‑possession game.  But that wasn't quite the case.

Q.  Just talk about NorthCarolina's transition game?
COACH BOVAIRD:  They've been famous for it.  When their big guys get out and run and their wings run lanes and they go right into several different sets out of transition, they're tough to guard.  We had a hard time matching up.  They got some early, quick looks at wide open threes and knocked them down.
When their big guys run the floor like that, it really puts the pressure on the defense.

Q.  I was hoping if both of you could talk about their half-court defense as well?
DeANDRE HASKINS:  They're very good at rotating and recovering.  We have to do a better job of knowing when someone else is cutting instead of cutting to the same spot.  I thought that's what kind of messed us up a little bit and our offense and stuff like that.
We have to get better throughout the season of reading each other and playing together through their defense.  They're extremely huge, too.  So that plays a big role in us getting our offense off.
COACH BOVAIRD:  Yeah, we had a hard time getting in their set plays, because we rarely come across a team that can put that kind of pressure on us, and we usually have a mismatch for a lot of teams.
We have four guys that can handle the ball really well.  So we usually just adjust and go against one of their other big guys.  McAdoo and the rest of them were just getting in passing lanes and kind of disrupting our offense all the way around.

Q.  Can you talk about what DeAndre showed in this tournament?  Coming back from his injury last year, and being back on this stage and how he did throughout this tournament?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Oh, he did great.  I'm so proud of him because he's come a long ways, not only as a basketball player, but as a person, as a teammate.  He's come a long ways, and we're really proud of him in that aspect.
We all knew, and I told I think Bill Cowher before the tournament started, if I had one high major, whatever, mid‑major athlete, it was him.  When he has his mind straight, he's as good‑‑ he could play for these teams.  I'm really proud of where he's come.

Q.  DeAndre, to kind of expand on that thought, can you talk about playing NorthCarolina today after your experience playing them at Valpo?
DeANDRE HASKINS:  I feel like they could be a lot better than the last team I played.  Playing at Valpo, they weren't as physical because Tyler Hansbrough is coming off an injury or something like that.  But all the guys on this team can shoot the ball really well.  Even the post player has a 17, 19‑footer jumpshot.
So I feel like if he continues playing strong‑‑ well, not the past couple games, but the first game that they played, I'm thinking they could be a National Championship team.  They probably will be.
THE MODERATOR:  Coach, any final thoughts on your experience here in Maui again?
COACH BOVAIRD:  It was a great experience.  We look forward to this week as so many people do elaborate planning for this event.  There are so many people involved in the process.  For my good buddy Dave Odom back there.  EA Sports, KemperLesnik, adidas, it's spectacular.
I would dream in playing in something like this as a kid, and have the opportunity to coach.  It's really special for me.  Now we have our name in the history book as one of the Chaminade teams that upset somebody.  So I'm really happy about that, and hopefully there's many more to come.
DeANDRE HASKINS:  I want to say hello to my mother and my family.  I haven't seen them in a while.  So if they're watching this, hello.  It's a blessing to be in Hawaii and grow and change as a man.  I'm hoping to do more things and do better things.  Get a win in Maui, a National Championship would be great.
COACH BOVAIRD:  I'll take that.

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