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November 21, 2012

Junior Cadougan

Buzz Williams

Jamil Wilson


Marquette – 72
USC – 64

Q.  Jamil, what was working for you today and your familiarity with Oregon, did that play any part with USC?  Did that play any part of it?
JAMIL WILSON:  I think what was really working for us today as a team, just penetrating and moving without the ball.  Junior did a good job finding everybody.  Van did a good job of penetrating, and they had to extend for Jake, because everyone knows he's a pretty good shooter.
So we tried to keep the floor space.  Then guys like me, Davante, Chris, Juan, Steve, we kind of just pick our spots and you feel around, and they usually find you.
My freshman year, I actually didn't play that much against USC.  I knew I could, but I didn't.  So I kind of had a chip on my shoulder because I wanted to prove that I could do something out there.  But other than that, it was just a good overall win for our team.

Q.  Can you talk about getting two wins after the tough opening loss?  How important is that for your team?
JAMIL WILSON:  I felt like it was great for us to turn it around and get these two wins.  It shows some maturity of our team, the maturity of our coaching staff, and the maturity of everybody knowing that we didn't put our heads down.  We had a heartbreaking loss.
So at the beginning of the season, it shows a big deal that we can just turn around and get these two big wins and be mature.
JAMIL WILSON:  Just to back up what Junior said, it shows a lot about our team, and how we go about things every day.  Not letting something like that get us down, because the shot was pretty devastating.  No one even thought it was going in, and it happened, and it was a quick turnaround, not like two days in between the game.
We have to get up and go at it again.  It just goes shows how we go about our work every day and stay on the same path and don't try to veer too much.

Q.  Jamil, I'm working on a transfer story for later in the week.  Just what is your experience after your transfer from Oregon and with your new team?  What's it been like?
JAMIL WILSON:  I think it's been great.  I think it was the best move I made at that time, it was right for me.  Leaving my senior year of high school and going to Oregon turned out to be pretty good.  I took a year off, and I got beat up by Jimmy Butler and Jay every day.  Last year I got to mix in with the guys.  And I think building as a team, we're building a foundation and moving ahead.  We're putting a foot forward each and every day.  So I think the progress has been great, and I think the choice I made was awesome.

Q.  Jamil, happy birthday.
JAMIL WILSON:  Thank you.

Q.  When they started making their run a little bit, was that because you guys were in the zone defense, they started screening and making some shots?
JUNIOR CADOUGAN:  We tried going to the zone defense and getting a different look, and Kevin O'Neill and the guys did a good job of changing up and executing.  We tried to give them a good look.  We tried to give them a different look and they executed and brought the score back.
But Coach Buzz and everybody were just saying keep poised, keep poised, make great plays.  Throw good pitches and we'll be all right.  And we came out with the win.

Q.  Do either of you guys know how Vander's doing?
JAMIL WILSON:  He's good.  He was just telling us, he dove for the ball.  He was trying to pass it, and actually when he dove, someone hit his knee.  I guess his knee pushed outward a little bit, and once he actually fell on the ground, the guy that fell on top of him actually fell on the same knee.  He's icing it now.  He said it's fine.  But he should be all right.
JUNIOR CADOUGAN:  He'll be fine.

Q.  Have you had a chance to run or walk on the beach or will you be able to before you leave?
JAMIL WILSON:  I think right now we've got the freedom.  Buzz gave us the green light to go have fun and enjoy, definitely ready.  But we did stuff on the beach as a team the first day we got here and stuff like that.  But now it's really time to take advantage of Maui.
THE MODERATOR:  Is this the first time both of you have been to Maui?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I thought it was a rock fight in a lot of ways.  I have the utmost respect for KO, how hard their team's compete.  I thought our guys played really hard.  It's hard to go back‑to‑back‑to‑back, no matter what your record is.  I thought our guys played really hard.  So we're thankful to come out on top.

Q.  Junior and Jamil said they thought Vander was okay.  Did you get any indication on his situation?
COACH WILLIAMS:  Well, I mean until we get verification, it's hard to say.  But we'll try to figure that out over the next few hours.  The one doctor here said he didn't tear his ACL.  He thought it was twisted, but that's not confirmed.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about the way you guys bounced back with two wins after the tough opening loss?
COACH WILLIAMS:  We have a short memory.  We celebrate victories until midnight, and we mourn losses till midnight, and then we've got to wake up when the sun comes up the next day and go to work.  I've said that since I've been employed here.  I think that's what you do in your job.  I think that's what we should do in our job.

Q.  What was working for Jamil?
COACH WILLIAMS:  He's a really good player.  He wasn't very good on Monday.  His effort wasn't good enough.  I told our guys all the time you have to deserve to win and you have to deserve to make a shot, but yesterday and today he was one of the more talented guys here.
If you look at his stat line, I guess he did everything good except getting assists.  But coming into today, I think he had 11 assists through four games and two turnovers, so I'll talk to him about getting more assists.

Q.  It looks like the only time that Southern Cal made a little run was early in the second half.  It looks like you guys switched the zone a little bit, and they started some screens and making shots?
COACH WILLIAMS:  Possession in the zone in the game they scored once.  I thought they came at us to start the second half, and we didn't respond the right way.  Then I thought we were kind of able to level it off for the next, through the next media timeout, and I thought in that third media timeout we came back with what we needed to come back with.

Q.  I'm doing a project on sports concussions.  In recent years, how have dealing with concussions changed from a coach's perspective.
COACH WILLIAMS:  Are you a student, a writer or student/writer?

Q.  I'm a student.
COACH WILLIAMS:  In college or in high school?

Q.  High school?
COACH WILLIAMS:  It scares me to death.  I would say that I have spent 25 hours studying concussions.  Jimmy Butler who was drafted by the Bulls two years ago was the first kid I signed when I got the job at Marquette.  His head hit the floor diving for a loose ball, and that was when all of this stuff in the NFL had really kind of flourished and I spent an inordinate amount of time reading all the documentation, reading all the new research, talking to NFL trainers, talking to NBA trainers, because I think when something happens with your brain, you can't detect that.
Like all of this stuff that I studied, they said that, like boxers and some of those retired NFL guys when the second concussion is in a short period of time to the first one, that means the third one's going to happen even quicker.  And that's where all of it is in disarray.  I'm scared of it.  I'm overprotective with our guys from a health standpoint.
Like I hold our guys out more than our trainer and team doctors ever ask on any injury.  But particularly when it has to do with their brain.
THE MODERATOR:  Maybe you can just comment about the trip to Maui and experiencing the whole tournament?
COACH WILLIAMS:  We're extremely thankful.  I know everybody says thank you, but we really mean it.  It's been an unbelievable experience for our kids.  It's something they'll always remember.  It's something for me as a coach and staff we will always remember.

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