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August 30, 2003

Geoff Ogilvy


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Geoff, for joining us for a few minutes. Good round today. Right now, it looks like you are in pretty good position. It just depends on what happens this afternoon.

GEOFF OGILVY: You know, it's pretty good. I don't know if they will run away too far because it will blow a little bit. But I think the majority of the good scores yesterday were from the side of draw that's out there now, so they probably won't hang on to -- there would be six or seven guys that pass me, at least I would have thought, because it's not going to be quite as windy was it was yesterday. I did the best I could on my side of the draw. That's all I could do.

Q. With players playing this course for the first time and some players not getting practice rounds in before the tournament what were the expectations of the course and how does the reality of playing it compare?

GEOFF OGILVY: I played my first practice round on Wednesday. It was blowing 30 miles an hour. I thought if anybody gets better than a couple under each day -- 10-under is going to be pretty impressive. It's turned out to be pretty still yesterday morning and this morning. Hopefully it's similar today and it blows this afternoon. The scores are a little lower than I thought, but the weather was a humid -- a little bit softer. It was just better golfing conditions than it looked like it was going to be when we were here practicing.

Q. The 18th hole, there's not many like that on TOUR that finish with a hole like that?

GEOFF OGILVY: It's a shame that it blows downwind. I assume most of us can carry the bunkers and I hit 8-iron this afternoon. The ball is running a long way. If you hit the right tee shot there, it's an easy hole -- if you hit a bad shot it's a guaranteed -- if it turned into wind, it would be a risk/reward. Guys would be taking 2-irons, 3-irons wondering weather to go for it or not. If it lands or runs, 275 to fly the bunkers on 18, and that's not really a possible anymore, which is a bit of a shame. It is fun to finish on a hole that you could make 3 or 7.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go through your birdies and bogeys.

GEOFF OGILVY: On 2, I drove it in the rough, left. Pretty good tee shot just ran through the fairway. I hit a sand iron out up 120 yards and I hit sand iron to about 15 feet and made it.

The fifth, I hit a good drive down the middle. Hit 8-iron to about eight feet and made birdie.

9, I hit 3-wood just short of the bunker. Hit 5-iron to 20 feet and made a good putt.

13, I hit a good drive and a wedge to 12 feet and made it.

15, I hit a good drive and hit sand wedge out of a divot to about -- probably the best shot I hit all day to probably about a foot and a half probably.

16, I was between clubs. I had a 5 or 6 (iron) and I hit 5 and I pulled it a bit. On that hole, if you fly it or than halfway up the on green, it goes to the back, and the pin was on the front. It looked like I had 150 feet, but it was probably about 60.

18, I hit driver, 8-iron and 2-putted.

Q. How has your season been?

GEOFF OGILVY: Pretty up and down. I didn't start so great, and then sort of April, May I played pretty well. Then missed six cuts in a row in the middle of the year and the last two months have been pretty good.

So the last couple of months, I had a couple Top 10's and stuff.

Q. Any change in the last couple of months?

GEOFF OGILVY: I think before I missed those six cuts in row, I think I played too many tournaments. Really felt like I should have had three weeks off but I really didn't take any off and I never really recover. I took three weeks off around the British Open time because I was conveniently not in the tournament. Yeah, that seemed to bring it all back.

Q. Have you been working on anything or just rest?

GEOFF OGILVY: Not really. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I just hung out. Instead of standing on the range -- I played golf every day, but I didn't stand on the range and hit balls. I just went out and had a bit of fun, which is it relaxing for most of us usually.

Q. How about overall, through your career, have you been satisfied?

GEOFF OGILVY: Well, yes and no. If you told me when I turned pro, I would play two years in Europe and keep my card and play three years here and keep my card, I would say yeah that's pretty good. But if you said I wouldn't have won on TOUR -- well, you could definitely always be worse, but it could always be a little bit better. As long as you're staying afloat out here and paying the bills, it's all pretty good.

End of FastScripts.

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