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November 19, 2012

Rick Barnes


Chaminade – 86
Texas - 73

THE MODERATOR:  Coach, some opening remarks, please?
COACH BARNES:  The team that won the game should have won the game.  They played better.  I thought they played, collectively, I thought they played harder.  I thought we played very tentative.  I would probably even use the word scared.  We haven't played anything in the three games that we've played anything like what we've practiced.
That's probably the most disappointing thing is that we just aren't even giving ourselves a chance to be in games because the guys that you count on and as a group, we've got to count on everybody to do what we expect them to do.  But, again, Chaminade won the game.  They should have won it.  I don't even think the score is even indicative of how much better they played than we played.

Q.  There was a possession in the second half where you took a timeout, the team went back on the floor, and you wound up with a shot clock violation.  Is that something you chalk up to youth?
COACH BARNES:  No, we're not going to buy the youth thing.  It chalks up to toughness.  It chalks up to guys doing their job, chalks up to leadership or lack of.  It chalks up to understanding a sense of urgency.  So it's just right after that was another timeout, and it just goes back to, again, when you are tentative, you're not doing the things that you practice, I think those type things happen.
Guys are looking around like who is going to make a play?  We're not a good enough team right now that we can rely on any one individual.  We have to be a team, a collective team.  We've got to have everybody doing their job.  We didn't get that from the very tip, from the very tip we didn't get it.

Q.  Is there any encouragement from the way you guys kind of made a run there to get it to eight or nine there late?
COACH BARNES:  Well, from my point of view, not really.  I think sometimes there is such a thing as phony tough guys when you're playing with house money now.  You're coming back saying what the heck, and you play.
I'm just really disappointed in our whole team, and I'm including coaches too, because obviously we haven't done a good enough job coaching them.  But when you come back and make a push, we had a chance to even cut a little lower and missed a dunk, missed a couple of dunks.  We turned it over got outrebounded.
Look at the fact that we're throwing the free‑throw line 17‑30.  Those things, you shoot 19% from the three‑point line, and with our size or whatever team we had on the floor, we end up with 11 offensive rebounds.  So, again, no, I don't know if I'd say that was anything encouraging, because they probably got a little tentative themselves and that's a situation where teams have to decide we're going to continue to play through it.
But we had a chances.  We had even more chances, but we just didn't do anything that we need to do.

Q.  You were the head coach of Providence back in '91 when Chaminade won a game against your team here.  Did you come in knowing how tough they were?
COACH BARNES:  No doubt.  I mean, again, the two teams are very similar in the fact that we were young.  But you would think today that players would understand that everybody can play.  It's a great example of where I think hard work wins most of the time.  They outworked us in every way.
We had guys that were scared.  Standing around, you've got to take your shots, you've got to take them.  Am I surprised?  No, I'm not surprised.  They've got some Division I transfers that have been around.  It goes back to, I think players sometimes that play basketball have no clue what really goes on.
You look at the numbers.  I mean, the line right here by DeAndre Haskins, that's a great line.  7 for 11, 4 for 6, 4 for 15, 9 points.  He did all that in 25 and 32 points, 25 minutes.  Can you look at some of our guys that work out, and it's everybody.  I've got to do a better job coaching.
But we can't play scared, and we played scared.  When you do that, you stand around like a deer in head lights.  It's not going to get any easier.  People aren't going to feel sere for us, and I don't feel sorry for us.  I don't, because we got what we deserved.  We didn't do what we were supposed to do.  They deserved to play the game.  We've got to grow up.
It's not just the younger guys.  We can talk about our guys, our sophomores have been through it.  They've got to bring it every single night.  Till then, we'll continue to struggle.

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